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Mary Shellys' Frankenstien.

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In Frankenstien Mary Shelly uses a chinese box technique. The chapters that we read are told in two separate parts. One chapter is told by Victor Frankenstien (This shows us Victors point of view). The second half is told in the creatures view of events. In the nineteenth century when Mary Shelly wrote the book, electricity was discovered in the human limbs and the first blood transfusion took place and it turned out successful. Another influence on the book would of been Mary Shellys own experiences like when her mother died during a childbirth or when Mary suffered multiple miscarriages herself. In the nineteenth century people were solely judged on there apperences. People got judged by there cover. Frankenstien tried to play god and when he created the creature we all knew punishment was just around the bend. This is an emotive chapter we are given an insight of Victor's emotions and his views on the creature. Victor starts out with excitment but that excitment soons turns into horror and disgust once the crature comes to life, This chapter is written in the first person point of view, it is written from Frankenstien's point of view. The atmosphere is surprising in this chapter, you would expect a nice happy colourful mood with nice sunny wether and smiley faces but instead the atmosphere is miserable and the weather is gloomy. This atmosphere contrasts with the way Frankenstien feels towards the creature now that it had come to pleasent images. ...read more.


"Hideous guest" Frankenstien calls the creature his guest even though he doesnt know him. When Victor enters the apartment the creature has gone but he is still scared because he doesnt know where the creature has gone it could be anywhere now so this once again builds up fear. He is glad to be rid of it but it could be causing trouble and bring the blame back to Victor. "During all that time Henry was my only nurse" Frankenstien is a selfish person he uses clerval to get sympathy from and to get looked after. Clerval (Frankenstiens Best Mate) is a selfless person. Clerval looks after Frankenstien while he is feeling sorry for himself. This chapter is narrated by the creature. We see how the creature fends for himself and how he adapts to life without any help. This is in the first person narrative. This chapter is from the creatures point of view. We will look at the creatures side of the story. The creature speaks with intellegence "considerable difficulty" he uses elaborate vocabularly. The creature is very vunerable. He has to fend for himself because he has no other parents to guide him and show him the right way to live. This makes us feel sorry for the creature. At first he found it hard fending for himself, trying to adapt to life. He couldnt use the body straight from the off. ...read more.


The creature was looking through a small hole that you could hardly see through. This shows that he is an outsider. But the creature sits there watching the family through the crack this this shows that he comes to love them. "He played a sweet mornful air." He is viewing the family with wonder he loves them. He thinks they are the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. The monster realises from looking at the family that humans are capable of making beauty. In conclusion to the story Mary Shelly creates sympathy for the creature in the way she uses emotive language towards the creature. I think Mary does create sympathy for the creature by using Frankenstien as a kind of bully. Mary uses a chinese box technique to tell the story. I think that this is a good technique because it gives both characters a chance to tell there own version of events. The creature ges to tell the readers his story and from this he gained much sympathy from the viewers. The creatures story has a big impact on the readers. The emotive language and the poetic talk makes us feel sympathy for the creature because he is a sensitive character he just needed to be shown the right way to go. The creature got no consoltation and no guidance thats why we feel like the creature is the best character because he had to fend for himself and ended up doing good for himself. So Mary Shelly wanted Sympathy and she got sympathy for the creature. ...read more.

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