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Maths book report. Title: How long is a piece of string? Author: Bob Eastaway and Jeremy Wyndham

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F4 Maths Book Report Student's name: Kiki Hung F.4D (22) Title: How long is a piece of string? Author: Bob Eastaway and Jeremy Wyndham Publisher: Robson Books Brief Description: This is a book that describes and demonstrates different theories which are actually associated with our daily lives. This includes revealing the truth of the mystery of Albania pyramid scheme, the demonstration of the probability of different people to win in the "Who is the Millionaire" television show and so on. Simple but innovative, it is pleasurable for even the most math-phobic readers. Comments: I think this book is a great one in many ways: the bite-size sections of four to eight pages and the simple language used are reader-friendly, engaging and innovative. ...read more.


It is interesting when I started to "think out of the box" and considered results that are more "unexpected". Not only "logic" is required, but "creativity" as well. This is the reason for the repetitive routine of "reading, scribbling, calculating, then taking a sneak peek at the answer" constantly lights up my enthusiasm to continue the quest for the final answer. To me mathematics is an art that dominates our lives. Despite the fact most of us do not appreciate it or even notice it, it is actually a part of our lives - from leaving the house waiting for a lift, to turning on your ipod and clicking onto your favourite song... ...read more.


In a competition, the ones who possess more mathematics skills is more likely to be the winner; in life, those who know how to adjust and calculate have a less possibility to be cheated. Along the path of striving to win, "mathematics" is an important tool. I used to play the role of the gardener who fails to see the mathematical beauty in a garden; but after reading this book in which mathematics is illustrated perfectly to be alive, interesting and surrounding us every moment in our lives, I have actually decided that "mathematics is wonderful" is actually a fact. This book has successfully melted my fear of mathematics, thus inspired me. Therefore, I highly recommend this book to you all. ...read more.

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