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Matt and his friends

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Matt and his friends Reggie trudged through the woods, there was an eerie noise wavering around. As he walked he thought he saw someone and rushed towards where he saw it, but when he got there all there was, was a leaf. The light was shining through the trees, Reggie glanced upwards, and as he did so a shadow cast over his eyes there was an outline of a man Reggie called out to him. "Matt! Matt! Is that you? There was no reply Reggie looked down at himself he was so scruffy, he hadn't had a wash in over two weeks. As he thought about what was happening he missed the sound of a man moving away. Two weeks ago Reggie had been at a station waiting for Matt Pritchard, his best mate, to pick him up. It had been raining that night. The darkness amplified the loneliness he felt in Pennsylvania. Matt was half an hour late, he was never late. Being in the army taught him not to be late for anything, this was not like him. Later on he was able to catch a taxi back to Matt's house. There was no one there but Reggie knew where a spare key was hidden. As Reggie let himself in there was a cold draught in the room as though no one had been there for about four days. ...read more.


There was big metal, oval table in the centre of it. Three TV's were hanging in a triangular shape above the centre of the table. To add to that there was a 9ft TV screen planted into the wall. "Welcome to my domain. I hope the room was up to your standard." Reggie kept quite. For almost no reason Reggie was hit by terminator. "Mr. MacDonald asked you a question." No I haven't enjoyed my stay so far. Terminator was just about to hit Reg when Macdonald shouted out: "No, leave him alone Jenkins." Reggie thought about how he first met Matt. After Reg left school he went straight in to the army, that was when hen he met Matt. They were both stationed in Iraq in the 123rd regiment after the gulf war. Matt had saved Reggie's life on many accessions and vice averse. Matt left after 6 years of service because he just couldn't cope. Reggie on the other hand stayed in and worked his way up to Special Forces. He was on a month leave when he was supposed to see Matt. " Why are you here?" " I was looking for a man called Fernandez. You know him?" "I know him. He's my boss. Why?" "My friend went to see him." Reggie saw MacDonald signal something to Jenkins. He heard the cock of a gun. As Reggie hit the deck he was able to take out Jenkins. ...read more.


" This man wants to see MR. Fernandez. Show him the way to the telka." Reggie didn't like the sound of that. As they went through the door Reg pulled out the guns and the men grabbed for there's but before they could get a shot off the were on the ground screaming with pain. There was a flight of steps leading down top a sort of bunker, well it had no windows and looked like it could stand a bomb blast. After the steps there was a corridor, which had rooms branching off at regular intervals. What Reg wanted was at the end of the corridor. He could hear voices. In the room there were two men looking at something in the middle on a table. As Reggie got nearer the table he heard a familiar voice. Reg's shoes scuffed on the floor. "Who's there?" "Matt, is that you?" "Reg what the hell are you doing here?" The other man spoke. "Shall we get rid of him?" "No Chad he is not important." "Matt you were supposed to meet me in Pennsylvania. I was looking for you. When I heard that you had gone to see Chad I thought that something must of happened." Out of the corner of his eye Reg saw Chad pull out his gun. Reggie rolled on the ground to doge the bullets and was able to get Chad in the leg. Matt looked horrified. "What have you done?" "He tried to kill me." ...read more.

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