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Max Dupain Assignment

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Max Dupain Assignment Max Dupain was one of Australia's most prominent modern photographers. His works are commonly referred to as a depiction of Australian leisure. His images celebrate Australian identity, in particular beach culture. Images such as Sunbaker (1937) link Australian people with the sand, the sun and the sky, all significant features of Australian culture. In Sunbaker we are shown something so stereotypically Australian in the muscular, bronzed body of the man lying on the beach. This theme is central in many of Dupain's pieces. The idea of combining leisure with the land is a prominent one in Australian society, and one that Dupain has harnessed. Australian is a widely coast dwelling country, and Dupain's works emphasise our unity with the land. His photograph Mother and Child (1952) also captures the essence of Australian life. ...read more.


Dupain's production was formal and straightforward. Every print was beautifully controlled and refined during the entire process, which was undertaken by Dupain himself. Rescue and Resuscitation (Manly, 1940) clearly conveyed this idea of formalism. The image was carefully constructed using the rule of thirds to draw our eye to the particular subjects. Light is used to create perspective and depth of field. In the foreground of the picture it is quite light and in focus, however as we get further into the background we notice that the image becomes slightly darker and less focused, shortening the depth of field. The rope the men creates line to draw our eye across the image. Perspective is creating by contrasting the different heights and sizes of the men as they get further away from our position. ...read more.


Dupain uses light in the image to create shape, particularly in the outline of the machinery and the boy. The depth of field is moderate, with the background appearing in a softly focused, almost romantic way. The contrast between light and dark isn't extreme, another example of the slight influence of romanticism in Dupain's work. The foreground however is sharp and concise, clearly contributing to the ideas of modernism. Dupain highlights the same principles of Australian culture and progression, putting emphasis once again on the physical structure of the Australian male, the raw nature of the landscape and the presence of the sun. Max Dupain was clearly a pioneer in modern Australian photography, effectively capturing the essence of Australian culture and life. He portrayed the stereotypes of beach culture, and the physical features attributed to the typical Aussie male. His work was a sharp and deliberate step away from the pictorialism of the 19th century, and a confident step into the modernist and progressive nature of later photography. ...read more.

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