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May’s unhappiness

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May's unhappiness 1 From an early age May's mother could tell she would be trouble. By her late teens she had made a name for herself around her town. Always popular with the boys and flirty with it. The fact that she didn't cover up didn't help her reputation. Whispers of tramp and slut started to fly round the various church meetings and social events. Her mother was ashamed and had good reason to be. Women of those times just didn't do things like that. The truth was that her mother was jealous and she had been just like her runaway daughter and loved to drink and flirt when she was younger. However May's Grandmother was a lot stricter and stopped her going out and meeting her boyfriend. She made her marry a rich landowner who was over the hill by anyone's standard. So May's mother was bitter and spiteful and despised May for her free will. May however was more stubborn, well either that or times were changing and believe me times were changing. May had been seen on more than one occasion in the local drinking hole dancing on tables well into the morning. Until the table or May collapsed. May's Grandmother would have died with shame if she ever found out about her actions and on many occasions May's mother would say she had turned over in her grave. By May's actions I would say her grandmother's grave would be pretty big by now. At the fine age of seventeen May had accomplished a lot: she had dropped out of school, made a fool of herself in the various drinking establishments and had a lot of tom foolery with most of the male population of the town. ...read more.


When the Boss came back in he turned to Curley and said "Son, You know the new guy, came into the ranch today?" "Sure" he replied "Well there was something queer about him," The boss said "Oh yeah what was it? Was he incredible big or something Pa?" "God-dam it Curley will shut the Hell up? What's the deal with you an big fellars?" The Boss shouted angrily "Sorry pa" Curley grunted "What was the deal with him?" May cut in. Both Curley and his dad turned to look at May astonished that she had actually spoken to them. "Well...He is actually them, there's two of them travelling round together by all means, one of thems pretty simple the others really quick witted. I gave 'em hell for being late, you know Curley there's just no respect no more!" "I guess" Curley said. May was daydreaming about Hollywood while washing the dishes when they left. She didn't notice, as she wasn't used to paying attention as most of the day she would either bake or wander aimlessly round the ranch. It had been another aimless day wandering round the ranch that brought her to Lennie, He was sitting in the bunk house rocking back and forth staring into space as May had done early that day and then the day before and the day before that. She immediately related with him and she said "I'm looking for Curley" She was looking to Lennie for an answer but it came from another guy who she hadn't noticed before "He was here a minute ago but he went" This obviously was George the quick-witted guy who Curley's dad who had mentioned. She replied "You're the new fellars who just come ain't ya?" ...read more.


Most of the men had started a game of horseshoes. May went to the barn, as she knew it would be cool on this hot day. As she creaked the door open she saw an enchanted Lennie playing with a pup, which she didn't realise at first but was dead. Having seen how upset he was she comforted him and before she knew it she was talking to him about everything from her dream of Hollywood to how she didn't love Curley anymore, in turn Lennie did the same. He told her about a farm he, George and Candy were going to get and set up. He kept talking about rabbits and although May didn't understand that just having someone to talk to filled her with joy as it had been so long since she had a proper conversation with anyone. May seeing his love of soft things let him touch her hair. So he did and he said it was soft and smooth, but May didn't want her 5hair messed up and told him to get off but he wouldn't and so she told him again but he still wouldn't! So she threatened to Scream and Lennie grabbed her and she struggled trying to break loose. Lennie twisted and May's neck creaked and then snapped. Lennie still twisting about felt May go loose and realised she was dead. He dropped her onto the hay in the barn and left. May was gone and nobody would miss her apart from maybe Lennie but he would be dead soon too.6 1 Ross Cooper Of Mice and Men 2 Ross Cooper Of Mice and Men 3 Ross Cooper Of Mice and Men 4 Ross Cooper Of Mice and Men 5 Ross Cooper Of Mice and Men 6 Ross Cooper Of Mice and Men ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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