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"McEwan uses a variety of writing genre in the novel 'Enduring Love'. This mix of genre is one of the most significant and interesting features if 'Enduring Love'. By close reference to the text, explore the range and effectiveness of this mix."

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Laura Cullingworth 30/10/01 "McEwan uses a variety of writing genre in the novel 'Enduring Love'. This mix of genre is one of the most significant and interesting features if 'Enduring Love'. By close reference to the text, explore the range and effectiveness of this mix." In 'Enduring Love' the most prominent genres are love, thriller and the detective genre. We all have expectations from these very different genres, all of these being fulfilled by McEwan. We are captivated by Joe's love for Clarissa, Jed's love for Joe and the development of these characters as the plot unfolds. We are intrigued by the detective antics of these three main characters and gripped by the action packed plot. The structure of 'Enduring Love' is very much like that of a detective novel; starting off with the main incident of the plot, or the starting incident and then unfolding and developing in stages throughout the story, and resulting in a more or less stable conclusion. The book is logically written in a linear format in order to enable the reader to follow the plot. The setting, particularly where the balloon incident occurs, is typical of a detective novel. The setting is very idyllic, where "each leaf seemed to glow with an eternal light". ...read more.


This out right deception of Clarissa's trust is very important to the plot, especially compared to the earlier scenes of their blissfully happy romance. It shows the way in which Jed's antics have changed Joe. He starts doing things he would never have dreamed of doing before. Jed's passion for Joe however is very different to the passion in the love making scenes of Joe and Clarissa. His passion is based very much on fantasy. Fantasy is often a prominent feature of the love genre. McEwan uses it in "Enduring Love" though as more of a psychological fantasy, in the form of de Cl�rambault's syndrome. This fantasy is incredibly intense. Through the entire story Jed is intent on putting across the constancy and purity of his love for Joe: - "I love you...I worry for you". Also, what he keeps constant is his love for God: - "How is it possible to love you and God at the same time?" Jed constantly tells us of his love for God and uses this to try and persuade Joe to love him also: - "Accept me, and you'll find yourself accepting God" and is outraged at Joe's suggestion that "A woman novelist dreamed up God." Jed appears very desperate to win Joe's love and recognition. ...read more.


Joe failed to persuade Jed into not killing himself, these suicidal actions not being part of Joe's plan. If Jed was still trying to kill Clarissa Joe would have had more of an excuse and would have been able to be viewed as a hero. But, Jed had crumbled, stooping low enough to take his own life. In most thrillers there is some sort of twist at the end. In the case of "Enduring Love" it is learning about the affair of Bonnie and the Professor. It answers our questions about Jean Logan's suspicions of her husband having an affair, while being a logical suggestion the reader never thought of. This is very clever writing by McEwan. Finally, in my opinion, a good thriller novel always leaves the reader asking questions. The appendix answers all our questions about what happened to Jed Parry, but we never find out what happens with Joe and Clarissa's relationship. I want to know if they will be able to put the ballooning accident, and all the incidents proceeding it, behind them now knowing the full story. By using this mix of three main genres McEwan has created a novel that allows the reader to think, ask questions, follow, be kept in suspense, speculate and most importantly, enjoy. Because of this variety "Enduring Love" appeals to a wide range of readers all looking for a clever and articulate read. ...read more.

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