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Me and My Idol.

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Me and My Idol By: Hasan Abdullah 29/09/02 Generous, benevolent, loving is my opinion of myself. Surely I admire myself in many ways, where as I even hate myself every now and then. I have to admit that I'm not quite perfect yet, as you know no one's ever perfect. I have to confess that I've done things right and wrong. To tell you the truth, I believe success is failure turned inside out. If I was to describe myself to you, I would tell you, "I'm polite to those who are polite to me. But if you're not, I have to say we're going to have a hard time." I'm surely sympathetic to everyone but I can sometimes lose my temper. Just keep this in mind; if you strike me hard then that's what you'll get. I can assure you that I'm a type of person who wouldn't be discourteous to anyone either. ...read more.


Soon he opened up more and more mills, which are still making huge amounts of money. He worked day and night trying to make his business a success and he has finally achieved it. There are several reasons why I've chosen him as my idol, which are quite convincing in my opinion. My idol has put in great amounts of effort and given time to whatever he wanted to achieve. Whatever he did, was done slowly but with great thought, which gave him this success. Even though he wasn't that well educated, he left all that behind and did what you could. He has such a pleasant personality that whenever I look upon him, I always say to myself, "I wish his heart and mind would be in my soul." As long as I know there's nobody who hates him, they all admire him. To whoever he talks, he never expresses great anger no matter which case it is. ...read more.


He also gives massive amounts of money for the treatments of the poor to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, which is a cancer hospital. He doesn't only do work but he enjoys a game of golf every day in the morning with his friends. After golf he would sit with his friends to take pleasure in a cup of tea or a light breakfast at the club. They would regularly talk about the latest news or happenings around the globe. He would often go to dinners and socialise with everyone having a great time. My idol as you probably know by now has a great personality and has done great things in his life for the world as a whole and himself. He is almost perfect having a heart for everyone and the kindness he shows to those young and old. My grandfather, Mohammad Abdullah surely shows kindness, love, generosity, nobleness and skill in all ways to everyone whether he's poor or rich. He will be admired by everyone as he has never showed great anger towards anyone and most all he has shown patience in himself. ...read more.

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