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Measure for Measure -  Pg 121-127 script analysis.

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Measure for Measure - Pg 121-127 script analysis By Parit Patel Angelo - Hello, beautiful maid, how may I help you? Isabella - I have come to see what conclusion you have arrived upon. Angelo - I must tell you that your brother cannot live. Isabella- Well if that is yours and Gods will, I feel I must depart. Angelo - However there might be the slightest chance for his survival... Isabella - Under your jurisdiction? Angelo - Yes Isabella - Well then I beg you, that how can he be officially pardoned? Angelo - For him to be pardoned, the person who decides if he is to be pardoned, is to be able to indulge in a certain lascivious pleasure. It is as easy as taking away a life, or faking the practice of the law. Isabella - This power, I have only heard spoken of in heaven, but never on earth Angelo - Well if that is what you believe then I must tell you how quickly. ...read more.


There is no way on this earth that he would usually be saved, but my authority will fetch his live if you lay down the purity of your body, or let him meet his penalty. Isabella -As much as I care for my dear brother, I will not lead my body to a death of shame. Angelo - Your brother will have to die then. Isabella - I will not take this cheaper way, as I will not replace my brother's dead body With my dead soul. Angelo - You are selfish, why are you then so concerned about your brothers death if you are letting him die due to your mere loss of chastity. Isabella - Giving someone their life back and blackmail are two different things. I am not selfish I will not give into foul liberation. Angelo - Now you choose to make the law a criminal, and you would rather want your brother to be let off as a present and not an earned payment. ...read more.


Angelo - Enough of this, I must tell you that I do love you Isabella- My brother loved Juliet yet he was still punished for a invisible sin. Angelo - He shall live if you show me love Isabella- I tell you now Lord Angelo that if you do not pardon my brother I will ensure that the whole world will be informed of your hypocrisy. Angelo- I hold the power over Venice, nobody will believe or try to believe you. If you attempt this I shall ensure that your reputation will be destroyed and you yourself will be silenced. Tell me tomorrow what conclusion you have decided to. Think clearly on your answer as remember I can prove to be foul against your brother. EXIT ANGELO Isabella- He is right; no one will believe what I say. The law has been newly born and its wrath is clasped around the people. No one shall dare challenge this recently formed authority. My brother will understand as he would not let his sister's purity be gone in exchange for his own vessel. I will him of what Angelo is said and he will understand the situation and prepare himself into the journey to death. EXIT ISABELLA ...read more.

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