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Media: A study of Lord of the Flies (Film, Book and Documentary)

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GCSE English Assignment Media: A study of Lord of the Flies (Film, Book and Documentary) Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding in 1952 is an exciting tale about a group of young boys, stranded on a tropical island. As a class we read the book in a group of 30 together over a period of 10 weeks. We then watched a documentary: an interview with William Golding in 1982. An interview with William Golding. We watched an interview with the writer William Golding. I found this film particularly interesting and useful because it displayed the thoughts and feelings of the man behind the book. One of the main reasons he first wrote this book is because of an adventure book he read with his children. It was a story about boys who behaved perfectly while stranded on an island. ...read more.


Piggy was the closest to an adult in the island. He has "a curious grown up quality". Golding believed physical difficulties could make people more adult as a result. Simon is a "Christ figure". He is way ahead of the others in understanding what the beast truly is. According to Golding "he had to suffer, he knew too much". Finally, the naval officer is like the Greek dramatic device of a "Deus ex machina" who arrives and seems to settle everything within the end. I found this interview very useful because it was interesting to view the opinions of the man behind the book. It can help you to understand some of the reasons for writing the book. Small pieces of information like I have stated above can help you to build up your knowledge of this excellent book. ...read more.


As he played Jack he enjoyed the fact that people looked up to him and respected him during filming. Simon Played by Tom Gamon who is now a biologist. He was very aware of the wildlife on the island as a boy. He felt that the role of Simon was an exaggeration of who he really is, however, he likens his simplicity to that of Simon. Piggy Piggy was played by Hugh Edwards, who works for Mars in Moscow and is developing their manufacturing strategy. He feels that the film has made him more confident. He didn't think he was anything like Piggy in any way but has found that Piggy didn't understand what potential and power he had on the island. Sam'n'Eric These two were played by David and Simon Surtees. As twins they were very close in both the film and in reality. Simon works as a careers officer and David is a political advisor to the Conservative Party. David states that he was very proud to have worked on the film. ...read more.

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