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Media Advert Comparison

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Media coursework In my essay I am going to be looking at logos, slogans, target audience, selling techniques of two adverts. I am going to compare and contrast them; I am going to be looking the two food adverts: Advert one which is an Anchor Spreadable and advert two which is Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puddings. The Anchor Spreadable is targeted at and would appeal to female parents who are 30-40 years old and have children, who are possibly a housewife or an average paid woman they probably would like to have healthy and fit children and are looking for healthy choices; these are females who do have the time to read magazines. This advert may appeal to children because of the denotation of the animated cows may humour them and make them want it. This advert can also be targeted at elderly people who would like to have a healthy diet to stay fit; they may be 60 to 70 years old. The Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding is target and would appeal to female because of the tile Aunt Bessie's the aunt refers to a female they probably middle aged and have time to read newspapers and magazines where the advert is found. ...read more.


The logo helps the products image of nice, calm place meadow with green grass and a sunny day suggesting happiness, freshness and healthiness. The Aunt Bessie's logo shows the homemade values of the product with the woman making traditionally in a bowl mixing the batter. This links back to the selling techniques of tradition with the connotation a Sunday roast with Yorkshire puddings from the denotation of the food pictured. The logo is effective as it refers the home values of the product and what it can mean to the consumer. In both adverts there are picture. The denotation of advert 1 is that there are 2 animated cows the first one hold a long list with a sad expression, the second one below holding a short list with a happy expression. The connotation of these cows would be dairy, milk and freshness however because of the expression and what they are holding; when we would look at the sad cow we would think of negativity and think that cow may be bad with it carrying such a long list, however some may feel sorry for the cow as it look quite cute. People may see that cow and think that I wouldn't like to be like that cow. ...read more.


Also the advert could be improved if the logo was larger as then when a consumer looks at the page the brand it would be immediately identified making the product more known. I think the Aunt Bessie's Advert could be improve if the logo and the slogan was made larger as when looking at the advert most of the attention is at the picture and large writing the logo and slogan are small and can easily be missed when looking at the advert. Also I think that more selling techniques need to be used like they could say that there product is the best as most of there advert is around tradition; this would improve the advert and make it a lot more affective and informative. Overall I think that the anchor advert is the most effective as it is much more persuasive than advert 2 its techniques combination work very well together giving it an edge, as some people are more persuaded by certain techniques. There layout is simple and easy to read there is nothing too complex on the advert and looking at the advert isn't boring as the pictures look quite funny; complimenting the product very well as not all the information is not just written down. ?? ?? ?? ?? Pritesh Tailor ...read more.

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