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Media advertisement: Nike

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My Advertisement: Nike, one of the most proverbial brands of the world; on of the largest manufacturers of sports equipment; one of a few companies that made it after a last ditch attempt to gain a substantial hold in the market, is my chosen company to advertise for. Their global renowned name along with the millions of connotations associated with them provides an excellent base for me to try and produce a superb advertisement campaign for them. Founded 1972, Nike, who took the name from the Greek goddess, were in severe problems trying to compete with Adidas, yet here they sit, proudly and loudly the largest company to sell sports equipment, apparel, and accessories. They have an annual revenue of over 15 billion dollars and there products affect an estimated one third of the population in the world. Working to help Nike maintain the outrage for people to carry on playing sports also played a large part in choosing Nike. Another attraction was the long list of celebrities who were with Nike. This would give me an excellent opportunity to advertise the Nike brand. I have not chosen to directly promote a product in my advertisement for a magazine because my chosen brand, Nike, has such a wide variety of products, it would be nearly impossible to advertise all of the products in such a small space. ...read more.


Obviously each is good at their corresponding sport but in the world of power, talent and skill both are even and this is the main message I want to publicize through the advert. This also indicates to young and upcoming sportsmen that just because you are not as good as somebody else, it doesn't mean you are poor at the sport. Other readers may associate the "be even" with being as good as Ronaldo or Tiger. This sign of equality shows that the company treats every customer with the same amount of respect and that there is no bias or prejudice. I also thought that using the PPP idea was good because it shows what Nike care about in you as an individual: pride, passion and perfection. I have also added a cup in the advert next to Ronaldo to show what each person is fighting to win. This will immediately create a centre of attention towards the advert as sport fans will think there is something up for grabs. The advert is not full of persuasive language forcing the reader to buy a product and this can make the reader relax and take time to have his own ideas about the brand or product in the advert. ...read more.


I have used very little text to persuade the reader but the text I have used is quite short and grabs the attention of any reader. In my text I have said that by buying the boots and the ball you will gain soul and heart but if you buy only one, you will get neither because one must have the other. In my poster I have just stuck a huge Nike sign on top of Thierry Henry. Compare this to my advert, you get something that is not subtle but 'in your face' type, making sure that people know it is a Nike advertisement. Furthermore I have used a boot and a ball, which have got huge Nike ticks plastered over them. The quote by Thierry Henry is above his picture and stands out greatly. It is there to show that he uses his heart and soul which he apparently gets by using Nike products. The poster can be used as a magazine advertisement but is more likely to be effective when put loosely in magazines or in newspapers. This way people who remove these posters from the newspaper/magazine are more likely to see the poster. The use of Thierry Henry is also quite impartial as people do not hate the player; they may just dislike the team he plays for. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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