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media analyse coursework

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GCSE Media Coursework The use of images on a front page has a number of functions: firstly it effectively communicates to the reader exactly and immediately what their most important story is today. It also illustrates the story so readers can visualise what is being told and sympathise for the situation, and thirdly they make the page more interesting, by breaking up the text and can often convince the reader to buy the newspaper. I have used a picture of the victim in my story so that readers can see how happy he was before the incident and sympathise for the family. I also used the picture of him being rushed into hospital on a stretcher so the readers can see the damage and emergency of the situation and most probably get quite an emotional response from them. ...read more.


My intention of the headline and by-line was to grab the reader's attention and automatically make them sympathetic to the story. The use of the language in my newspaper was to primarily grab the attention of all groups of the community to maximise purchases. The language in my story was both informative and relevant to today's life culture. Firstly I didn't use any complex words so almost anyone could understand the story, secondly I used some words that the younger people of the community would understand so that they to could sympathise and buy the paper to read more. Tabloid papers often use these sorts of techniques in their text to maximise the range of buyers. ...read more.


I decided to use the special offer sign firstly to grab the reader's eye by making the price sign stand out clearly using a bright yellow star. Secondly to unconsciously draw the reader to my paper because we all know how people are always looking for a bargain thus maximising the sales of the paper. My intended effect on the reader was to connect them emotionally to the story and so they feel the utmost sympathy for the victim and his family. I feel I have achieved this by the use of pictures, layout, and heart reaching text. Overall I feel that the reader cannot help but be moved by the powerful story line. I also feel that this situation is relevant to the knife crime today and this article should help people understand the seriousness of the crime happening today. ...read more.

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