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Media Coursework

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Shot, Stabbed and Stabbed Again People say there is no point living sometimes, since there is every chance you could walk down the end of your road, and end up getting shot, stabbed, or beaten up. This could be for something as silly as a post code, or a measly sum of money like �1.41. But why do young people have such an aggressive attitude towards other young people? Could the reason be increasingly damaging media images, films and music? Symbolism plays a big part in the 'gang culture'. What does having a gun mean? Does it mean you're the strongest person in the universe because you can kill someone? In actual fact it takes courage, rather than strength to kill someone and, to pick courage like that means you have to be able to handle the consequences. But young people think there aren't any consequences. ...read more.


The most common risk factor is the demise of the family life and the increase in family violence. Many of these teenage criminals have been abused or neglected and they also grew up in a single-parent household. In what ways do the media glamorize gun crime? The media glamorizes gun crime in many different ways. From violent songs to film posters, we are frequently seeing pictures and films portraying guns as some type of glamorous "tool". The "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" film poster is a good example of gun glamorisation. At first glance, we see 50cents's overly tattooed back, featuring his street name, and turf (south side), and we also notice the contrasting white of his bandana and boxers. This represents purity, cleanliness and decency. Our first impressions of 50cent are those of a powerful and intimidating person, maybe with good intentions or morals. ...read more.


And the catalyst for all this? A broken wing mirror on another lads car...such mundane realism defines 'bullet boy', the feature debut of TV documentary-maker Saul Dibb who has rejected the usual flashy, clich�d and unhelpful trappings of teens-and-guns tales to tell a tragic story of how a family is destroyed when guns enter their otherwise unremarkable lives. I believe teenagers should stay away from older 'role models' and games such as 'GTA IV' or 'Hitman', but instead, stay focused on something they would enjoy , like a hobby of some sort or a fun activity, or they could even focus on school work. Aiming for A* GCSE's if possible but otherwise C grades would be best. Teenagers could also try getting to know some better people in life, making new friends who could help you in life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Media Coursework Gavin Dilworth 1 ...read more.

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