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Media Coursework comparison of two media texts

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Media Coursework comparison of two media texts I am going to compare two articles about medical testing on animals. One is a newspaper article written by Polly Toynbee and is called 'Sorry, but I think dying people are more important than dumb animals,' this was published in the Guardian. The other is a leaflet with the title 'It's a crying shame' which is design for animal aid. The Guardian news article is for medical testing on animals. The Animal Aid is against medical testing on animals. Both texts are aimed at the general public who are old enough to have an educated opinion. The newspaper article taken from the Guardian is very basic and is set out like a typical newspaper article would be. The image used does not have an effect to the argument because it has no relevance to the topic, it is just a picture of the author Polly Toynbee. However if pictures of animal testing were used in this article I could make readers see how terrible it really is. That is why pictures are not included in this article. ...read more.


The words 'shame' does not represent anger towards the persons who carry out the medical tests, it is a calm word so it makes you sympathise towards the animals. It meets its purpose of making the reader pity the animals. The other two on the reverse of the leaflet serve the same purpose as the main image on the front. The image from the Guardian article does not relate to medical testing on animals because images of them are cruel and would probably make the reader disagree with what Toynbee has to say. Instead there is an image of Polly Toynbee, the author. The expression on her face is a blank one. It shows how she does not care much about the animals. To persuade the reader more perhaps an image of a person in hospital dying could be used because it links in with the title, 'Sorry, but I think dying people are more important than dumb animals.' The two titles used are very different. The Animal Aid leaflet is entitled 'It's a crying shame.' The word 'shame' does not represent anger towards the persons who carry out the medical tests, it is a calm word so it makes you sympathise towards the animals. ...read more.


For example 'Every year around 3 million animals are tormented and killed in the name of scientific research,' tormented is an emotive word to accompany the fact. It emphasizes the point. By using this it is informing and persuading the reader. Toynbee's article's purpose is to persuade readers therefore emotive language is used throughout the article in most of the opinions used. To describe the animal activists she has to use emotive words to emphasize the point. The use of quotations in the Animal Aid leaflet is effective because they are ironic. The use of irony powerfully emphasises the cruelty of science experiments on animals. What is 'acceptable' to scientists is unacceptable to animal rights activists. Quotations used in Toynbee's article just show that someone else is speaking. Using quotations like the Animal Aid leaflet would have been more effective if used in Toynbee's article. By reading these articles it has slightly changed my views. The Animal Aid leaflet has made me more aware of what happens to animals during the experiments however it has not made me take action (e.g. donation.) The most persuasive texts is the Animal Aid leaflet because it informs and persuades using fact and opinion which is made more effective with emotive language, powerful images and ironic quotations. Shaun Meadows ...read more.

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