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Media coursework - No One's Perfect

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Media Coursework: - No one's perfect Is "Hollywood thin" really the way forward? Is today's "Hollywood thin" obsessed society really something the media should represent in such a blunt way? A highly contradictory matter; on the one hand, us women are constantly pressured to stay skinny - a.k.a completely underweight - and look fabulous. However, with the rising epidemic of eating disorders such as anorexia, bullimia and other health problems like heart failure and blood clotting due to a low body weight, the media has been forced to shock and persuade the reader into thinking the complete opposite. It's not possible for a middle aged women like myself, having had raised three of my own children, working full time in an office, living with the stresses of home life and my finacial situation, to then go out into the high street and still fit into a size 8. ...read more.


Here, are pictures from "Now" magazine of these skeletal figurines, and here, our magazine tells us it's completely wrong! The preferred reading for this article is against the skinny women, proving there is some chance of us being able to eat in the next few hours without feeling hideously guilty. But what do you think? Does this shocking system work as well as it should be? Of course, they've used these images to disgust the reader (as i'm sure you feel that way at this moment) Its like an addiction! But these magazines, know women want to see this. You know, to make the extra few pounds they put on over the holidays justified. ...read more.


That's a hell of alot of people. But surely if health food shops join with doctors and the government, they could lower the costs of good food and everyone could be healthy! Well, wouldn't that be nice. We can now see that the way we look is not only a nice bit of eye candy - or in cases like myself, quite the opposite - but has severe consequences on our health. Once again, this "shock tactic" is put into play. But does it really work? Fear is control? Who knows. I certainly don't, as right at this moment i'm highly confused to either go on a fad liquid-only diet, or to go binge out on an enormous tub of full fat ice-cream. Will we ever win? ?? ?? ?? ?? Claudia Waller 10N Media Coursework 05/08 ...read more.

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