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media coursework romeo and juiliet

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English media coursework Rating: * * Verdict: Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet given a bad make over. The down under Ozzie director Baz Lurhrmann (Strictly Ballroom), has let us and Shakespeare down with his adaptation of Romeo & Juliet film. The guns, drugs and violence theme has left us thinking is that really a play wrote by Shakespeare? It's about violence. It's about hate. And of course, it's about teenage first sight love and a slight bit of suicide. It was a massive let down even to today's 'gangster' films, The Hollywood action shows nothing of what the film is about. The play based on the 'star crossed lovers', falling in love at first sight did not have shootouts and modern day 'yobs' fighting, if he was going to make the film this way he could of at least left it with some dignity. ...read more.


but a fine line should have been drawn to how fast, it left my head spinning, I had no idea what was going on. John Leguizamo plays a particularly effective Tybalt and really brings out the character in him which, well really cannot be said for most of the other characters. He showed what his character was meant to show, hot headed, evil and deceitful, I really liked him. Baz created an alternative universe to Shakespeare where Montague's wear Hawaiian shirts and Capulet's black leather, where advertising billboards contain Shakespearean in-jokes ("Out Damn'd Spot" as an acne cream ad, "Rosencrantzky's" as a hot dog brand). Sometimes this is taken to the point of absolute cheesiness. ...read more.


And where are the police through the film there was fights all through it and they hardly ever turned up and don't know if he was trying to portray the message of fat doughnut eating police, but this was just one of many downsides to the film. The 21st century world he created for Shakespeare's play just didn't work for me. I'm sure if Shakespeare could be resurrected he would come and kick the !@#? Out of Baz for what he's done. So in conclusion guns instead of swords, drugs this isn't Shakespeare so I suggest you don't rob your piggy bank to see this film, and better luck next time Baz. Adam Porthouse ...read more.

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