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Media Coursework - Shrek Review

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Shrek - Once Upon a Time There Was ... An Ogre you say? 'Shrek' is a brilliant CGI fairytale master-piece, which is full of heroics, shocks and 'fairytale things', like the lovely Snow White, or the lying Pinocchio as examples. This computer animated movie truly represents the modern day family, proving how much closer families have become in the last 50 years through the use of both toilet humour and clever innuendos attracting audiences of many generations. This motion picture also contains the welcome return of some of the Disney classics, a few of your favourite and most loved fairytale characters, appearances ranging from the fabulous Three Blind Mice, the scrumptious Gingerbread man, and the mighty, but maybe slightly camp, Robin Hood. Although this feature length animation is set to be the biggest blockbuster this year, it is not through the usual fairytale conventions. Sure, it has the clich´┐Ż 'Once Upon a Time' beginning and all the usual twits and turns, but here are many other aspects to 'Shrek', that are quite controversial. 'Cinderella', the old, non-politically correct Disney movie is a great film to compare 'Shrek' to. The Prince, as usual, was a slim, polite, beautiful, and most importantly human, while Shrek, the hero in this DreamWorks movie, is not, with him being a disgusting, rude, ugly ogre. Even the heroine isn't the conventional Princess, unlike Cinderella who is blond, weak and dainty, which, to be honest, is not politically correct in the slightest. ...read more.


However, the forever enthusiastic side-kick is not always the happy-go-lucky ass throughout the film, but still produces some seriously funny moments. One memorable moment is when Donkey is walking over a high, rickety bridge over some boiling hot lava. "Shrek, I'm looking down" represents one of Donkeys mistakes, and most hilarious moments on the old bridge that is guaranteed to get you all laughing at the expense of poor, little Donkey. This is enhanced with an animated birds-eye view over the crossing to emphasize Donkey's fear, and to show off the extraordinary images that CGI can produce. Fortunately, over the bridge, Donkey finds love with a girl dragon, which is an unusual concept in itself, yet produces a fantastic comedy moment in the film. But you can't have Donkey without Shrek. Separating them is like strawberries without cream, or crackers without cheese - the odd couple are destined to be together, and is upsetting and rather bizarre to see them apart for them few minutes nearing the end of the film. The duo share so many moments together, in good and bad situations that they become like two siblings by the end of the movie. They're guaranteed to touch the audience's hearts with their growing love, and their quarrels: 'Ogres. Are. Like. Onions', says the angry Shrek, when describing ogres. 'Oh... you mean they stink!?', replies an innocent Donkey, oblivious to Shrek's actual meaning. ...read more.


Also, in the scene where Donkey becomes 'a flying, talking Donkey', we get to see the full comical effect with, another, birds-eye view, which is a perfect moment to see the chaos unfolding behind Donkey. Some of the angles that the 'cameras' have created show astounding views of the animated scenery, and highlights the wonderful CGI animation, of which I have already noted is a great leap forward for technology, and makes the audience, which I hope you will become, remain glued to the screen because of the amazing detail it provides. Apart from the modern music, amazing imagery and awesome computer animation, this film also portrays how families have matured over time, and how children are much more socially aware nowadays. It is remarkable how our younger generations are able to identify accents with different cultures and relate to their stereotypes. For example, Shrek is Scottish, Donkey and Fiona are American, the three Pigs are Russian and Robin Hood is French, portraying how our children appreciate different cultures. 'Shrek' is truly an animated work of art, demonstrating the extraordinary use of modern technology, and produces some of the funniest moments in fairytale history. DreamWorks have really got the gist of equal rights and opportunities and creates some hilarious results while they're at it and, for once, the company has put Disney to shame. People from young to old, from ogres to fairies shouldn't feel ashamed walking into this rated 'U' film, for this dazzling animation welcomes everyone. What are you waiting for? It's worth the money! ...read more.

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