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Media Coursework - Teenage Dirtbag Music Video

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Media Coursework - Teenage Dirtbag "Teenage Dirtbag" is a song by Wheatus. The video is used in two ways: as a trailer for the film "Loser" and as a music video for "Teenage Dirtbag". The song and accompanying video could be a partly autobiographical account of the lead vocalist's (Brendan Brown) childhood because we can see in the video that he has a turned eye, making him different from his peers. He may have been bullied or excluded from certain social groups because of this. The director of both the music video and the film "Loser" is Jeff Gordon, of whom there are references to throughout the video. The music video is representative of what many high schools are like in the USA today. Making any video is complicated, and music video is no exception. Because it is shorter than a television programme or film, every shot is significant so it can portray its message effectively within the time given. The first stage to making a video is an idea or concept, and then the target audience has to be decided. The video and how information and ideas are portrayed will vary a lot depending on the age of the viewers. ...read more.


We see through Biggs' eyes that Suvari is moving gracefully. Effects have been added to the video to make her look almost angelic: a diffuse glow has been applied to make the whites appear brighter and it has been slowed down. Showing video in slow motion is a common technique used to make a shot look more romantic. Suvari also appears to be gliding forward rather than walking. She is not outwardly unpleasant to Biggs, but does not pay him any attention either. This is demonstrated with a wide shot of her walking past him and his bike on its side. The lyrics follow this: "She doesn't know who I am, and she doesn't give a damn about me". The video then cuts to a mid shot of Wheatus playing the chorus in a school corridor surrounded by a crowd who are jumping to the music. The addition of people matches the change in volume and intensity of the music and so compliments the soundtrack. This shot sets the scene for the next sequence. Biggs struggles to walk up a spiral staircase against the flow of oncoming people - he is the only one walking in the opposite direction. ...read more.


Brendan Brown ventriloquises in a falsetto voice over Mena Suvari who is mouthing the words, which gives the effect that she is singing. She asks him to go to an Iron Maiden concert with Biggs and tells him that she is also a "dirtbag". There is a close up shot of her putting the tickets on the table and then a series of mid shots of the two of them dancing. It obviously a fantasy at this point because it is highly unlikely that anyone would ask a loser to dance while having a popular boyfriend. When the song has finished and Biggs and Suvari are still dancing, there is top shot of them with the disco ball in the foreground. This becomes detached from the ceiling and falls towards Biggs' head. Just as it is about to hit him, he wakes from his dream and finds himself back on the staircase with his school bag. The common belief and message in films that "the loser gets the girl in the end" is shattered because Biggs is still a loser and his dream has not affected how Noelle feels about Paul Tanneck: he is still a loser. ?? ?? ?? ?? Robin D'Arcy 4D 1 ...read more.

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