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media English literature Gcse coursework Sherek 2

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Media coursework Shrek 2 An analysis of the use of innovative animation techniques in the making of Shrek 2. Sherk 2 used the pioneering computer animation, which was a gigantic step forward from the old pen and pencil. Drawing with pen and pencil involved drawing a frame of an individual character from the beginning to end. This technique was painstaking and took a great deal of time, for each motion the character made, a new picture had to be drawn for each little movement. With the available use of 3D animation the creation of characters can be manoeuvred and manipulated, the computer is the innovative tool and allows differences from the old style of animation. This allows for a bigger cast, lots more extras, complicated costumes, use of facial expressions, a library of actions and the new invention of the bounce shadier and subsurface scattering gives global illumination and a natural shine to the characters. Old animation and 3D animation bridge the gap between voice and screen, within the terms of performance and acting they are both equal. The computer just allows for faster and more elaborate productions, the animations are no longer 1 and 2 dimensional, as they have been in the past. They are now 3 dimensional which presents the character with more life like virtues. Toy story was the first animated film to exercise this technique, this film was realised in 1995. ...read more.


This was done by building a head in the computer, begining with the skull and then layering on the muscles and finally the skin. The skin is programmed to respond to the manipulations of the muscles beneath it, in various combinations, facilitating the animators to capture the required expressions of the characters. The facial expressions and lines on the characters foreheads give them a more lifelike and human appearance. An example of this is: the facial expressions of the gingerbread man, Mango, which enables him to have a variety of expressions, making the film look more professional and appealing as there are human like emotions and expressions. Shrek had an added number of facial expressions which the technical directors added, they added 218 facial expressions and also added "mega control," this allowed for complex expressions such as clenching of the teeth, consequently alters the entire face. In addition, all men were given Adam apples that moves as they swallow this had been little more then a tube beneath the skin. I think this made Shrek look more human, which made the film look more expensive and complex with the hundreds of intricate expressions that altered his face. Rendering realistic hair was another challenge that was made more demanding by the accumulation of so many human characters. As all of the characters hair amounts to virtual wigs, an actual wigmaker came to the studio to demonstrate to the animation team how wigs are created and what colour and shape they needed to be too created for the various hair styles. ...read more.


The geometry shader now incorporated new controls and more intricate texture maps, which was need to produce his marmalade fur coat. Lighting and effects completed the transformation of Puss from a computer modal to an almost practically a pet cat that we see in our home. In the scene when donkey, Shrek and Puss in Boots are caught in a rainstorm, the surfacing department used geometry shaders that gave Puss the wet cat look. This adjusted the way the hair grew by changing the direction of his fur so that it pointed downwards, so that it looks like it's weighed down by water and making it clump together as wet fur does. This made the film look much more complex and elaborate as it was more true to life. In conclusion, I would say that the use of innovative animation techniques in Shrek 2 are not only mind boggling but unimaginable. The use of the bounce shader and subsurface scattering adds global illumination and a natural shine to the characters faces, making Shrek 2 more elaborate and realistic. The use of facial expressions and lines on the characters heads, the wig system which enables the hair move with the characters head and body. The use of the geometry shader that gave the wet look given to Puss in boots not only gives Shrek 2 more life like characters but a human credibility. This therefore makes Shrek 2 a remarkable film with its use of pioneering technology and special effects. ?? ?? ?? ?? Camilla Sampson ...read more.

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