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Media Essay Comparison of Adverts

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26th February 2007 Media Essay In this essay I will talk about advertising, and the affect it has on the people who view these adverts. Advertising is the way people show consumers what they are selling. There are many types of advertisements including print and verbal, they affect people in many ways, mainly by showing people things they need or want for aspirational reasons. The adverts which I have chosen are an advert from Perfect Pizza. The company sells pre-cooked pizzas which you can buy in store or have delivered. My first impressions of the advert are that it's very colorful and you are instantly drawn to the images of the pizzas, and the large bold writing. I found this advert in my letterbox as they deliver them to you, so you know what they are selling. The advert uses formal as well as informal language; many bits of the informal text are explanation texts, and the formal parts for information. ...read more.


There are no people in the picture which is quite surprising as they might have included a picture of a person cooking the pizzas. I believe that this would make the advert more appealing to the consumer. The advert is in color, a reason for this would be so that it appeals to the younger generations, who are more likely to buy these pizzas. But I know that it was done in color for a specific purpose. There are no patterns in the picture, but there is red strip that runs along the top and the bottom. This is to bring attention to the text inside of it, which is very important as it contains the small print. It's the small print which can usually trick many people. The whole advert is laid out professionally, the images; the information, the logo and the slogan are all put on the front to draw attention to it. Perfect Pizza is placed at the top of the advert so it's the first thing you see. ...read more.


So it looks attractive and stands out. There is no picture of the product, but the company is well known, so people know what they are selling anyway. Because French Connection specialize in clothes. This advert links in with the adverts from 'NEXT' and 'Adams' which are both major clothes producers. French Connection; seem to have some competition from these brands, which would increase the popularity of the company. This advert appears in many women's magazines and a few men's, because they sell both male and female clothing. This is because they want to broaden their horizons, so more people see their adverts. It's trying to sell the sale which they are holding at one of the bigger stores. So if you want great products at cheap prices you should take note of this advert. Both adverts appeal to me greatly as I am fond of both companies, and they both use good advertising techniques. I would buy both of the products as the pizzas are great and the clothes are really fashionable. I believe that the adverts would appeal to their target audiences, as they are really well made, and really stand out to the consumers. By James Clarke 10X ...read more.

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