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media review

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Bank holiday review. Madeline McCann - one year on. Come home to relax after a delightful bank holiday and turn on the TV. What better way to start off the evening than, Madeline McCann, one year on. Once the documentary started I knew it was going to turn my mood upside down. This documentary is quite effective because it is extremely biased to the favour of the parents. Although there are some balances, which I think don't really make any difference. Before watching this documentary I thought Kate and Jerry McCann were involved in the kidnapping of Madeline. However my viewpoint has been changed after watching this documentary. There are many different types of camera angles used slyly. Like when they want the audience to see an emotion clearly they use extreme close up. They also use mis en scene, a camera angle when everything in the shot is purposely placed where it is. They also show clips of the other two children playing on the swings and the third swing is empty, showing the emptiness of Madeline not being there. They also bring in some clips of the news when Madeline went missing to make the audience remember how important it is, but honestly I think it just makes the documentary even longer than it already is. ...read more.


So with enough cit chat for one day, Fonzworth leaves the G's to chill with each other and get their own first impressions of each other. Over food and drinks by the club pool the madness drink and will set off any argument, especially begins. Already in fear of being black balled, Cee starts building up alliances with the other G's, but Kesan won't give in to this con artist's scheme. Pretty Ricky continues to drink until he has to go to the bathroom so badly, he takes a leak in the garden; and even these thugs aren't impressed. The Truth likes to run his mouth just as much as Pretty Ricky likes to with E6. Kesan has made up his mind that, come elimination, he is going to black ball The Truth. E6 wants to take it one step further than Kesan and start up a group to get The Truth kicked out. .ukhile the party continues outside, Fonzworth calls in a few G's at a time so he can get an idea of their goals and intentions for coming to the Gentleman's Club. Pretty Ricky can barely speak proper sentences, Zenel tells Fonzworth it's all about becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, Stan talks about his stripping job for the past five years, and Creepa, creeps off to sleep. ...read more.


Everyone jumped in for the tasters but who would pay so much for a cake? Sara thought it was enough and it was time to force the customers into buying the cakes. Sir Allen says if he was one of her customers he would've got hold of her head and pushed it into the cake. Michael telling people their weddings are going to look dull or calling them dumb dumb's didn't help either. Take Helene. For instance her unsociable manner seemed tempered this week, but her reason for becoming project manager for renaissance, if we heard right, was that she used to model wedding dresses in the past. Knowledge of the product is always good, particularly as selling wedding dresses was the key objective, but isn't that like offering to run a window selling company because you happen to clean them? Michael, too. All but reduced to crawling on his hands and knees at the end to try and stay in the show and have a chance to get the job that he's not going to get anyway. However selling cakes at a wedding fair didn't leave Sara with anything to celebrate, as she was fired at the end of the day. She seemed a little too pushy towards the customers, when no one brought the cakes. Join me next week same page, same day and we'll share views again. ?? ?? ?? ?? Naila Khan 11s. English media coursework. ...read more.

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