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Media Studies

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Do popular men's consumer magazines represent the modern woman of today fairly and accurately? I am using two highly popular men's magazines Zoo and Loaded in this essay to show that nowadays modern woman are being perceived in the incorrect way. It is fair to say that those magazines are popular because Zoo sells 260,000 just on a weekly basis and Loaded has an average circulation of 237,000 monthly. Combined this has a total of 497,000 consumers who are regularly being shown the opposition to a fair or accurate representation of the modern woman. Firstly the masthead Zoo implies that the women in the magazines are as pathetic as wild animals in the zoo and they have just been put there for the benefit of male consumers to have access to watch without any restrictions. Now the masthead loaded suggests money is more of an importance to men than a woman is - basically saying women should be used and then erased from memory. ...read more.


It seems as if they have been dolled up just to be purchased by 50 cent who has then gone and posed one on each side like a pair of watches that he owns - they may as well have price tags. Even though in the Zoo feature photo there is only one model the still message is still being sent out it is quite difficult to comment on her clothing as she is wearing next to nothing but this highlights that she is sexually available. She is giving the sort of eye contact as if she is enchanted by the consumer and that she is property of their when they buy the magazine which would give off the message that she is sexually open. So again I say that the feature photos on both magazines are poor representations of modern women because modern women have high expectations so they dress more appropriately, smartly and would not feel the need ...read more.


Both of these puffs do not represent modern women accurately or fairly because a modern women should be more reserved, would be more sensible in securing her sex life and would not under mime her education in that way. Finally I would like to conclude this by saying that men's consumer magazines may not represent modern women accurately, yet they do represent them fairly. I have come to realise that the models with are on the feature photos are hard working women the job they do is not compulsory, so in some ways it is an achievement and a lot of other women would aspire to be in their position and see them as roll models. They independently make a living and are self reliant. I would also like to point out that these women are courageous because they have the confidence to dress and to exactly what they want knowing that they are going to be dishonoured by some people. People do not recognize it but these women are impressive representations of modern women. ...read more.

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