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Media - The Lord of the Rings.

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Lord of the Rings Media Assignment A trailer is a short motion picture that usually lasts for two to three minutes. The motion pictures shown are traditionally portrayed to the viewer accompanied by both sound and colour. A trailer cannot be any section of a film, it has to be carefully edited in a special way that will captivate the observer for that short time phase and convince them into seeing the film. The trailer can make the difference from a good film and a great film, not to mention the profit. In the Lord of the Rings trailer we see the "Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring" logo at both the beginning and end. It is used to establish the trailer, it maybe shown twice as they want the title to stick in people's minds. Both of the logos when shown are plain and simple, the opening being gold on a black background and the subsequent being white on again a black background. This may be because the directors want the viewer to memorize the somewhat distinctive logo for the future Lord of the Rings films coming soon. ...read more.


By the end of the opening scene most people would be captured by the trailer, as it is unreal but yet still imaginable. Some other examples could also count as prove that the trailer suggests the film is a fantasy. For example the landscape that is used in the scenes is almost perfect and has no harm done to it such as man made roads or buildings, the houses are built into the hills. Another example would be the characters, they way they are dressed and the way they act, they have large overgrown feet and dress in clothes that are not high fashioned or to a particular design. The characters are also different as they are wizards and some are very small. Also even the New Line Cinema logo in the middle of the trailer has a mystical effect around the outside of it, there is mist around the edges of the sharp logo edges this I think shows contrast between the soft Hobbit image and the sharpness of the Evil side. It is essential from the distributors point of view that the trailer can attracts as many people as possible, the trailer needs to be edited so that the distributors can catch the attention of a worldwide audience. ...read more.


In its defence the Harry Potter film, although, also a book first was targeted towards the younger age group from five to sixteen. As there is no specific target audience the Lord of the Rings trailer is shown for the duration of the peak times on an array of channels both analogue and digital. For example a trailer on ITV1 would be shown during one of the channels top rating shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and The Premiership. Although this scheme is pricey the ratings on the film will establish to be more than successful. Other than Lord of the Rings itself I believe that the trailer would be shown before most action and fantasy films rather than romance and children's films. For example the trailer would be publicized before the beginning of Black Hawk Down (15) and not before Monsters Inc (U). In conclusion I think that the trailer of the Lord of the Rings is extremely effective targeting a broad audience and using money, to make money. The strategies and tactics used during promotion of the film were almost exactly right and will be shown to thrive. After viewing the trailer it has inspired me to see the film. Neel Joshi Neel Joshi Media Assignment Lord of the Rings - 1 ...read more.

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