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Meeting at airport

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Meeting at airport Ali had just driven through the rush hour traffic of London with his mother. He had arrived several hours earlier than necessary for the arrival of his wife's return flight from India. His wife and son had been on holiday in India. He knew he had a couple of hours before his wife arrived. He had been married for two years. His wife was born in India. He had gone to India after completing his studies. He travelled to India with his parents to visit relatives, and to have a holiday before he started his new job. While he was on holiday, he made many friends. It was while staying with his grandparents that he met his future wife. His wife was the daughter of one of his neighbours. He was in India for only two months and within two months he had met, someone with whom he wanted to marry. ...read more.


Sanjay said, "I expect my wife to leave her job when she becomes pregnant." Sanjay continued, "I wouldn't want her to work again until our child was at least three years old, and starting nursery." Ali said "Goodbye!" Ali thought to himself he had a different outlook on marriage and family roles than Sanjay, though it was good to see him after so long. 468 words Commentary The story is based on a meeting between two old friends at an airport. The story is set around the two main characters Sanjay and Ali.They meet by chance after many years and have a conversation between them. Both Sanjay and Ali are married. However Sanjay has remarried and with his new wife they are applying to adopt a child. It is Sanjay's second marriage. His first marriage ended in a divorce due to his wife's wish to pursue her career and Sanjay's wish to start a family, diversification of the family with the wife going out to work is a feature of modern families. ...read more.


Feminist perceive Islamic ideology as discriminatory. Sanjay's situation was different to Ali's as he doesn't follow traditional Islamic ideology and lives in a nuclear family. His outlook in his first marriage was contrary to a feminist's outlook on the role of women in his family. Most people of Sanjay's and Ali's generation have grown up with equality for women taken for granted. This is due to the feminist movement of the 1960's and 1970's. Many laws were changed around this time to give women equal pay and rights in many areas of life. Hanif Kureishi in his writings particularly in the Buddha of Suburbia tries to create images of Asian families. He states that there are many types of Asian families. These families consist of different religions, cultures and migratory patterns. This story shows two different types of Asian families. The popular notion of Asian as having an authoritarian father's, an unhappy arranged marriage, and the Asian woman as submissive victim of the family itself is not true. 994 words ?? ?? ?? ?? SID NO: 0415794 Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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