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Memoirs Of A Teenage Insomniac

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Memoirs Of A Teenage Insomniac She was waiting for me, a white face behind a dusty window. The silence was almost deadly. She took her knife from her pocket. Tears running down her face, she lunged at me. I swerved. Imogen looked at me with bright eyes. "Don't you understand yet? Why can't you just understand?" ? ? ? Five hours since I switched off my bedroom lights and I'm still not asleep. It's been like this for two months now; I've tried routines - a warm bath, decent book followed by multiple failed attempts at getting some 'shut-eye'. Nothing works; the Internet said insomnia could be stress related. If that's the case then my parents aren't helping, they never talk to me anymore - not that we talked often before I developed this problem. It just seems that since I returned from running away two weeks ago, they can't even look me in the eye. I don't even remember why I did it, but obviously they haven't forgiven me for the amount of stress I put them through. So I decided to run away again, but for good. At least I would remember why I ran away this time. ...read more.


Her personality was starting to look unsightly and I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue being friends with her. Then I gazed into her eyes, those eyes, glimmering as the rays of sun reflected off the window into them. "Why would you do this? I truly thought that we were friends... I can see now I made a big mistake." She sighed and closed her eyes. "Tell me this, why is it that we can't sleep?" I gave her a meaningless look as if to say, "Imogen, I ask myself that question everyday yet never find any answers". "I know," she continued, "I have the answers you've been looking for. And I'm sorry, I should have told you age ago. But I felt like we had connected, only I can understand what it's like to be like you, no one else. We share something special." "Oh God," I began, "You're not going to tell me we're related and you're my long lost twin are you?" She laughed. I remembered how much I liked her smile; she didn't smile often but when she did it felt as if the heavens really had opened. ...read more.


"Oh honey... it wasn't a dream." "I can fly?" I pondered this thought; flying was something that happened in childish movies. "No don't be silly. What I mean is, when you hit the ground you weren't dreaming. You were sleepwalking during the night and someone had stupidly left the door to the balcony open. You climbed over and jumped... I'm so sorry but... you can't sleep because... dead people don't sleep." My eyes were so wide they were almost bulging out of their sockets. How could I be dead when all my senses felt so alive? Plus, if I was dead then how is it that other people could see me... "But you're talking to me now? I thought that dead people couldn't be seen by the living" "Why do you think I knew so much about your condition, your experiences, how others were treating you? I'm... I'm dead too..." She paused and waited for my reaction. All I wanted to do was to run or scream, find my parents and hug them, tell them I loved them. But as I looked at her I knew that it was out of my hands, I had my chance on Earth and now I had to move on. I took her arm and we walked down the lane, not knowing where it would lead us, towards the mist. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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