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Memorable Person

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Memorable Person I am writing my story about a person who I will never forget for rest of my life. This story is about an Englishman who was on the duty for the British army in Pakistan back in 1960s. His name was Paul Henry and he was originally from Bristol in England. He was one of the senior officers who were placed in Pakistan with a specific job to do. He had his own flat in Pakistan and he did not have to share accommodation with other troops in the army camp. He adopted a child from a family in Pakistan in 1965. The boy he adopted was only 3 years old at that time. ...read more.


Paul was then looking after his wife and children in Pakistan. Qazi used to visit his family in Pakistan every 6 months. Paul took up a new occupation in Pakistan and became a teacher. He went onto teach in various colleges and universities in Pakistan. When Paul got old he decided to give up working and his focus was totally in raising his grand children. I remember spending the first 10 years of my life with him. He was a lovely, caring man. He used to take all of us out for dinner at least once a week and he provided us with everything that we needed. My granddad Paul looked after my dad's parents, brothers and sisters as well. ...read more.


His death happened in Pakistan, we all went to his funeral in a Church. That was the saddest day of my life and I was inconsolable. My father was very upset as were all the other family members. He was bought back to England for burial and his grave is in London. This is how a stranger from a different culture, different country changed the fortunes of a poor child living in a poor family and giving him the best possible education and making him a decent human being. For all he did for me and my family, especially for my father, I will never forget him. He will always live in our memories. He was a special person, that is why my Family and I can never forget him, 8 years on and we still visit his grave regularly. ?? ?? ?? ?? AMJAD QAZI - ENGLISH COURSEWORK ...read more.

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