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Memories - Mr Bentley, Katherine's mum's solicitor started to read the will, but the words that he was saying didn't seem to sink in.

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Katherine Suzan Memories Mr Bentley, Katherine's mum's solicitor started to read the will, but the words that he was saying didn't seem to sink in. Her mind was wandering; over memories of her mum, her childhood, her mum's disability. When Mr Bentley said something from the will that seemed to bring Katherine to her senses, it was about grandchildren. Katherine hadn't thought about starting a family, she wasn't even married, her mum had been her life; always there for her throughout her childhood, through thick and thin, now she was gone. Mum hadn't been herself for a while, but Katherine still loved her deeply, although she hadn't always shown it. Especially when Katherine was a teenager. She had often decided to hate her mum for spoiling her fun, but the hatred always turned to love after a few hours when they had both calmed down. Katherine had always known that her mum would die earlier than expected, ever since she was fourteen years old and her mum first fell ill, the waiting was horrible. ...read more.


Are you awake?" Katherine's younger sister was calling her "NO," She said back, louder than needed, "Go to sleep yourself it's too early to get up." "I can't I'm too excited." "Well lie in the bed quietly so I can get some more sleep." Katherine gave in about 30 minutes after that conversation because her sister fidgeted so much. When the photographer came to the house he said that all the girls looked wonderful, which seemed to give them an immediate glow. After the portraits, they got into the car and went to the hotel where the wedding was being held. The views from the hotel were absolutely wonderful and breathtaking. Katherine was staying with a great aunt of hers from America to give her a break from her parents and siblings. The days that they stayed in the hotel gave everyone a break from the home life, no housework and no cooking. * * * Putting the pictures away Katherine noticed what appeared to be a white little book she realised that it was the patient information leaflet from Addenbrooke's hospital, and she remembered being nosy and reading it but now she was even more curious as she wanted to see if she had looked after her mum properly. ...read more.


It was now that Katherine realised that she needed her friends and family around her to be happy, not just one or the other as she had done before her mum had died. * * * "Josh, I can't believe that we're finally here, moved in together in my mum's place. You are alright with this, aren't you, because if you're not we don't have to live here, we can move elsewhere." Katherine put the kettle on. Josh came into the kitchen and put his arms around her and laid a kiss on her lips, he then replied. "Whatever you need to feel close to your mum I am ok with, anyway as long as we're together it doesn't matter where we live." "That's what I love about you; you're so thoughtful and romantic." As she poured the water into the cups she looked at the rings on her fingers, one, her mother's wedding ring and the diamond one that Josh had given her as an engagement ring. Sitting next to Josh on the sofa she felt as if she had been doing it for years. She was now truly happy, and her mum lived on within her. ...read more.

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