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Memories of Fading

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Memories of Fading It was her face behind the glass, staring at him. The same carefully composed countenance he had remembered in her absence peered at him calmly, as it had in so many sleepless nights. It was a gradual moment of attrition, followed by disbelief. This was merely another dream. No! This was no nightly deceit; this apparition before him seemed as tangible as she was when she was still among the living. She was there with him, as he had thought her to be, as he had always wished her to be. Her hair was waving behind her head in an unnatural sway, as one would expect when submerged under water. He reached out, as he had planned to do for so long, but was met with the cold surface of the glass. ...read more.


If one of the most powerful and prominent plagues in his life was no more than a trick of the mind, nothing else may be considered truly real for him. His alarm clock read that it was almost morning, and he knew he would not be able to sleep tonight; not after this terrifying dream. It was raining heavily outside, not that the weather would have any influence on him leaving the room. Nicholas did not blame himself for Isabelle's death. He could not have prevented that dreadful occurrence from happening even if he tried. They say the killer waited by the side of the road at night, standing outside of his car, attempting to draw attention to his predicament, waiting for someone kind enough to pull over. ...read more.


Nicholas withdrew his hand, clenching religiously to his personal deliverance. While there were occasional passers-by, sedated and safe behind whatever they should believe, he would be alone this time. He stepped from his secluded, shaded shelter into a world of impenetrable darkness, where he was no longer a shadow, only a sentient extension of everything around him. Lucid and blissful, he gazed into the face of oblivion. One final valueless breath and it all died. Isabelle was gone, Nicholas was gone, and all memories regarding the pair vanished with his fatal volition. He will accept his fate and await God's open arms and hope to meet Isabelle once again in heaven, his memories fading into oblivion, just as he was ready to accept it. When the warden got a phone call about a murder, he entered Room 202 approximately five hours later after the dreadful occurrence. All he found was lifeless body of Nicholas, sprawled on the floor. Word Count: 733 words ...read more.

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