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Memories. The year 2075 has been a very interesting year for me.

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´╗┐Year 11 English Narrative 07/02/2012 The year 2075 has been a very interesting year for me. I have been reflecting on my life and the state of the world recently and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. The world has changed dramatically recently and is so commercially based that life has become very complicated. The last green plant life died off many years ago and much of the worlds recourses are genetically enhanced or created in a lab completely from scratch. New breeds of animals have taken the place of producing livestock and most species have been lost all together. Cities now reside thousands of meters above ground, in fact many people have never been to ground zero. Through medical innovation people can expect a life span of around 130 and not age a day past 30. Birth defects have been abolished as scientists have mastered the genetic codes and now have the ability to literally give you a designer baby. ...read more.


Now he only cares about creating quick results, disregarding rules and quality safeguards. Although I am far more cautious and much less of a risk taker it is me who has to deal with the aftermath of his questionable practices. Most concerning of late, I have had to deal with a peculiar occurrence in a few patients of the Xanacet drug trials. Some of the patients on this trial have been complaining about confusing memories that don?t make sense to their lives. Robert Chadwich, patient 64 of the program has reported strange memories of a coal mining accident but the problem with all this is that Robert was an architect and has never worked in a mine. Other stories similar to this had arisen, like Samuel Jones, patient 43, remembering being a top level spy during the cold war, long before he had been born. There were over 70 cases similar to this in the1000 test subjects and some of the memories experienced by people have been distressing and deeply disturbing. ...read more.


How do I confront Tim about this? He has a volatile temper and he is very defensive of the project. He stands to lose much more than me. He may even try to kill me rather than risk me going public with my concerns. I need to think about what to do. I make myself a cup of tea and have my daily Xanacet tablet and wonder how I can get myself out of the situation safely. Suddenly I remember my days as a contract killer and it all becomes very clear. All I need to do is kill him before he kills me and destroy all evidence of the project. It will be so easy as he has no idea of my previous life. I will make it look like an accident and remove all evidence of the trial. Yes, that is what I will do tomorrow but first I need a good night sleep...I have much to do. By Cooper Peacock Year 11 English ...read more.

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