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Men and Women - Short Stories from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

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Men and Women -Short Stories from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries In Thomas Hardy's- Tony Kytes, the Arch deceiver, he amuses the reader by allowing Tony Kytes to embarrass himself he does this by telling his three so-called girlfriends on his horse and carriage, to hide in the back of the carriage without the, knowing the others are there. In one instance Thomas Hardy writes: 'Dearest Unity will ye, to avoid all the unpleasantness which I know ye can't bear any more than I, will ye lie in the back part of the waggon and let me cover you over with the tarpaulin till Milly has passed? Do! - And I'll think over what we've said and perhaps I shall put a loving question to you after all instead of Milly' The quote shows how cunning Tony Kytes thinks he is. In this case he barters Unity by saying he will consider loving her for saving his own skin. The deviousness of Tony Kytes is, in short very humorous and amusing. In the story we know that he has many lovers and because of this we know that the story is obviously going to end badly for him. The fact that he is trying to get away with loving three women is itself amusing. Thomas Hardy builds up the humorous suspense by having each lady hidden sequentially supposedly without any of them knowing the other one is there. ...read more.


Maggie worked that out and so Bill Naughton explains that she will not stand for being deceived. Maggie also says: 'But there's one thing that lets you down mister-you're too bloody smart!' With those words learning his lesson which was being smart can have a negative affect. We know this because Bill Naughton writes: 'On that four mile hoof back to town, along the cold wet streets, I was able to weigh up her words over and over again, and realise for the first time in my life, how being right smart can not only get you in- but can also get you flung out.' The similarities in the three stories about relationships between men and women is that all the relationships are about being deceived for example: In Thomas Hardy's- Tony Kytes, the Arch deceiver, Tony Kytes promises all the "girlfriends" that he will consider marrying them as an alternative to Milly Richards. Near the end Hannah a former girlfriend noticed there was a loud, angry, squeak coming from the back of the waggon. This occurred when she said 'Throw over Milly? -All to marry me! How delightful!' The loud, angry squeak was of course Milly Richards in the back of the waggon, Hannah and Unity both refuse Tony Kytes' appeal for marriage. So in the end he was left with Milly Richards to whom he married the very next week. ...read more.


I'd been waiting for the applause.' 'Steady up Maggie' I said'. As I stood up she stood up in front of me. She seemed to be in some kind of temper that put inches on her height and her bust. For the first time I was able to see signs of the Queen in her.' This paragraph continues to make you want to read on, find out what happens next, and makes you want to read on. 'You might have taken her in, but you're not taking me in!' This is a major part of the story although it is one line. It shows that Maggie is ending her relationship with 'Rudy' because she believes that he will deceive her. If I were writing a story on this theme set in the present day it would be different because I would put another man or woman in the story so either the man or the woman decides to cheat on their partner. This should create an environment for the reader so they want to read on. The cheating partner would try and deceive the other and the other partner finds out. At this point I would leave the reader in suspense and let the tension rise. Then I would release all the tension at once. This would shock the reader and end the story in a sad way for example 'You've caused enough grief to last me an entire lifetime I will leave you in peace forever' (and the person would walk away) BENITO SEGARAJASINGHE ...read more.

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