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Mental Retardation

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What is Mental Retardation Everyone living in the world has their own unique abilities and character. Nevertheless, there are underprivileged people who are born with one form of disabilities or another. For example, some people are blind or deaf, some are physically handicapped, while others may have inadequate or dawdling mental functions. Mental Retardation (MR), also known as intellectual disability is a condition diagnosed before age 18 that comprises an IQ (intellectual functioning level) below 70-75, and a deficiency of the adaptive skills essential for daily living such as motor skills (manipulation over body movements), cognitive skills (capability to comprehend and deal wisely with circumstances), social skills (interacting with people and learning appropriate social manners), language skills (understanding what others say and to communicate) ...read more.


Symptoms Symptoms could include physical abnormalities such as a head that is too big or to small, malformation of the hands or feet and other examples. In some cases, a child may have normal appearances but have other signs of illnesses including seizures, lethargy, vomiting, abnormal urine stench, failure to feed and grow normally. Other symptoms include continued juvenile behavior, diminishing learning ability, failure to meet intellectual developmental markers, inability to meet educational demands at school as well as lack of curiosity, poor concentration skills, spontaneity, crabbiness, belligerence, self-injurious behavior and sensory impairments such as seeing and hearing are other examples of health problems. Diagnosis According to the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), there are 3 criteria before a person is judged as a victim of MR. ...read more.


This includes social skills to help the person function as normally as possible. Affected children with coexisting mental health disorders such as depression may be given medication in dosages. Treatment may include speech therapy where individuals learn to express their feelings and thoughts to others as well as vocational training. Prevention Prenatal screening for families at risk for known heritable disorders particularly ones related to MR such as Fragile X syndrome should be conducted to allow parents to evaluate the risk of having an affected child. Women who plan to get pregnant should receive necessary vaccinations, particularly against Rubella. Vitamin supplements can also be consumed to prevent certain kinds of brain abnormalities. There are some cases of mental retardation for which definite treatment is available in the form of medicines or special diets. E.g. galactosemia and hypothyroidism. Tests are available to detect these conditions at birth itself. If treatment is started immediately, occurrences of mental retardation can be prevented. ...read more.

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