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Mercutio & the Nurse

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Mercutio & the Nurse Through out the whole of Romeo & Juliet there is a strong comparison between Mercutio & the nurse. Neither are a part of either family, but they get drawn into this family brawl. They are two parallel characters. The play has many characters, each with their own role in keeping the plot line. Some characters have very little to do with the plot but some have the plot revolving around them. Mercutio is one of the most unique characters in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. His language is always powerful and imaginative. The Nurse is a very important character in the play because as her title suggests, she is a Nurse for the Capulet family. She is also a surrogate mother to Juliet. She acts as a go between for Romeo and Juliet and facilitates the tragedy, which means she informs people of the news and keeps the story going. She provides entertainment by making jokes and bawdy comments. She also relieves the tragedy with her humour. ...read more.


First of all, Mercutio convinces Romeo to attend the party at the Capulet's house, where he met Juliet. Romeo was very reluctant to go to the party and even expressed a feeling of insecurity about what the night may bring. However, after Mercutio advises Romeo and teases him a little, Romeo decides to go. It is solely because of Mercutio's persuasions that Romeo attends the gathering. The second way Mercutio's character is vital to the plot is it is Mercutio's death that sets off the chain of events that leads to Romeo's banishment. My second point is that Mercutio & the nurse are both in the play as characters used to humour the audience. The play is so full of Tragedy right from the word go, that Shakespeare needed to add a couple of characters to lighten the play up from the sad setting it is in. They are both eccentric, lively characters which are quick witted and use sex as comedy. "Nay, do I bear a brain - but as I said, when it did taste the wormwood on the nipple." ...read more.


This may be that she is trying to replace her own children with Juliet. The nurse had lost her children to death, and Juliet seems to be a daughter to her. Juliet seems to act the same; she is not pleased that her mother is arranging a marriage for her with Paris. She is not in love with Paris, and wants to spend the rest of her life with Romeo. To conclude, both the nurse and Mercutio had been brought into the family feud through their care for both Romeo and Juliet. They are both affected but still but the two lover before themselves. They are both characters which we grow to adore, using comedy to ease the tension, and make us enjoy the scenes that they are in. In the end Mercutio dies and makes the play far more tragic for us because we like Mercutio and we know that he died whilst protecting Romeo. They are both the closest person to either Romeo or Juliet. They may have family but they don't seem as close to them as either Mercutio or the nurse. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Armstrong Page 1 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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