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Metamorphosis: The Coin Man

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Metamorphosis: The Coin Man Everything was as it should be. The sun shone through the crack in the curtains, filtering across the room and highlighting speckles of dust where it fell. I shivered for no apparent reason. I tried to pull the covers up to my chest, nothing happened. I froze for a moment then tried to scratch my face. Still nothing happened, it was as if my body wouldn't do what my brain was telling it to. A strange feeling came over me, I couldn't work out what was wrong. In the distance I heard a knock at the door and my mother's voice inviting someone in. Footsteps thudded on the stairs that led to my bedroom, the door flew open and Jimmy, the friend I walk to school with, flew in. Jimmy looked straight through me calling my name, and I was staggered that he hadn't seen me. I yelled "Jimmy, I'm over here!" but he didn't respond. Jimmy came towards my bed and sitting on it he began flicking through my magazines. He glanced down at me and started to look around for any signs of people watching him. I thought that this was strange and wondered what he was doing. In the end I thought he was just playing a practical joke. But then he reached down and picked me up and I was dumped into his pocket. It was then that it hit me - I was not a person any more. ...read more.


I tried to yell "Hey, down here officers!" but nothing happened, and I remembered what had happened with Jimmy earlier, realising that I could no longer be heard. It must have been just after dinner time as I felt hungry and I could hear some boys approaching the car. They were all shouting something - I could not quite make it out though. They came over and looked at the smashed car. One of the boys became curious and spotted some coins on the floor. Sliding the rubber mat forward his face lit up as he spotted me, along with the rest of the stolen coins. He was amazed and could not speak. The other boys were calling him and when he did not reply, they came to see what he was looking at. I thought to myself "Wow, imagine if I had of just found this bag of money." I would be very happy indeed! They carried me into a derelict building and tipped me and the rest of the money all over the floor and started to share it equally between them, grabbing huge chunks of coins each. I couldn't quite make out faces but I recognised voices. I was grabbed by the boy who looked like the group leader, the one who was giving the orders. He shoved me into his pocket and it become dark again. I could smell an empty chocolate wrapper and became inseparable from a sucked and broken polo mint. ...read more.


I had been involved in so many events, I was completely exhausted and closed my eyes. I heard a door slam down stairs and my mother shouting for me, but I couldn't answer. She walked into my bedroom but missed me. She tidied around and I tried desperately to catch her attention but it was no good, no matter how hard I shouted, "Mum!" she just couldn't hear. I was stuck in a nightmare. I must be! She left to go downstairs. The night passed slowly. The boys had left the TV on so at least there was something to do, mum must have thought I was sulking somewhere because she didn't switch the TV off. Eventually I must have drifted back to sleep. I could feel my eyes getting heavier and I couldn't strain them any longer to watch TV. It was such a relief when I awoke the next morning and shouted as loud as I could "Wow - What a dream I had". I stretched and yawned, loving the way the sun shone through the window. I couldn't wait to switch on the computer. I looked up at my clock and it was half past seven. "Hmm..." I thought to myself, I must be first up and as I began to stand up I was looking forward to a normal day at school with my friends. I would tell Jimmy and the gang what had happened. They'd think I'd gone mad. A chill ran through me as I realised that my feet wouldn't lift my body. I couldn't stand. I tried yelling. No one answered. I hadn't been dreaming... ...read more.

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