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Mexico against war justicies violation of human rights

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Alejandra Pe´┐Żaloza 11A Mexico against war justicies violation of human rights Calderon got himself in a war hard to win. He says he has been pretty successful but the country says otherwise. The drug problem in Mexico is not new and has been getting worse these last few years. Plus the problem has been growing with the drug related murders, which are increasing rapidly each year. Calderon says he's decided to fight these crimes to create a secure environment for the country. The army is supposed to be the one in charge to fight this problem but some rights violation has been reported as they break down doors, search homes without warrants, break and steal things and in some cases rape women and have tortured and sexually abused children. ...read more.


Is this a way to pretend they're working just to keep the population at ease? The official Mexican National Commission of human rights is aware of these human violations from the soldiers and have been criticising this movement. They are also aware that Mexican police is not capable to fight the cartels but thinks that to bring in the army doesn't mean it is justified to violate the human rights. Even though all the violent actions are 'justified' as the only way to overcome the drug network in Mexico they are still encouraging violence by these acts. They could also say violence goes both ways, now that criminals have attacked and killed various soldiers during ambushes but by these events ...read more.


Calderon's reputation has changed thanks to this movement because many think that the actions he is taking are necessary to end up with the narcotrafic but many others see this as extremely harsh measures. Calderon is also taking a lot of risks because this could unleash a very violent civil war and could cost the lives of many innocent people. The question here would be; is he conscious of the consequences this could have? The President's intentions are good but he still has to find different ways to fight this increasing problem, which keeps the peace and security in the country. He still has five more years to achieve this difficult goal and many Mexicans have faith that he will in its due time. ...read more.

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