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Mice and men Explore the themes of loneliness in 'of mice and men'

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Explore the themes of loneliness in 'of mice and men' The story 'of mice and men' had lots of lonely people with no family and no friends; that's the reason why Lennie and George are different is because they have got somebody who cares for them. Most of the characters in the novel feel scared of showing their true emotions. For example, when candy's dog was about to get shot candy didn't tell the other workers that he needed the dog and that is was a friend to him. I don't think any of the characters want to show weakness. The title of the novel is 'of mice and men' was written in the 1300s. ...read more.


His race and colour made him isolated from all the other members of the group. A lot of people bully crooks; Curley's wife says, 'Well, you keep your place, then, nigger. I could get you strung up to a tree so easy it isn't true.' Crooks is a proud man and also the most educated as well; he reads lots of books but the most important book is the 1905 California civil code. This book says that Crooks is no slave and can do what he wishes with his life but nobody takes this into consideration because he is still treated as a slave, which they can push around. ...read more.


He doesn't talk to any of the other workers, he says, 'Books ain't no good. A guy needs somebody-to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody'. This is from a conversion which he has with Lennie. Crooks spent the most time working on the ranch and the only person he tells his true feelings to is to Lennie. Because Crooks knows that Lennie would probably forget. Near the end of chapter four crooks starts to get along with Candy. Crooks even offers to work on the ranch which George ,Candy and Lennie are going to go to but after Curley's wife threatens Crooks and then he says ,' well, just forget it . I didn't mean it. Just fooling'. This shows the reader that crooks knows that he will never be treated differently. ...read more.

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