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mice n men

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The title of the book comes from a poem by the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns. "Of Mice and Men" is a novel written by John Steinbeck. It is set in California in 1930s during the time of the depression. During this time of depression, people lived in poverty, finding it difficult to gain employment and often had to search ranch to ranch for employment. At this time people were inspired and motivated by the "American dream" a dream of a land in which life should be better and richer. This, however was nothing but a lost dream. They went on to search for a job, which would fullfill, their dreams. In Of Mice and Men we know that there are characters that have a dream. A dream that they are really working hard for and there are characters whose dreams are already taken away from them. I think John Steinbeck wrote this so he can provide the reader with a historical and social viewpoint and background of life in the 1930s. An outsider is someone who does not fit in to the mainstream of Society. In this essay I will write about Candy, the oldest person on the farm. Crooks, the crippled Negro and Cuerly's wife, the only women in the book, who did not even get a name. ...read more.


I think the aspect of the 1930 candy represents is that people were tired of getting criticised just because they were useless and that they needed a companion and someone they could talk to. Candy is an old swamper in the ranch. Candy has been working in the ranch for such a long time. Candy also has not got any true friends in the ranch. He only had a close relationship with an old dog that he had had from a pup. He lost a hand in an accident with a machine so, they just gave him a swamping job because he was old, one handed and useless to do other hard jobs. The quote "he pointed with his right arm, and out of the sleve came a round stick-like wrist, but no hand" shows us that he had one hand and that he had to work with his left hand and was also was a waste of time at doing difficult jobs. "The old swamper shifted his broom". This straight away gives two clues about Candy that he is a "swamper" and "old" Candy regrets not killing his dog and is also disrespected. I know this because Candy quotes "I ought to have shot that dog myself, George I ought not to have let a stranger shoot my dog" this shows me that Candy was unhappy and regretted not doing it himself as the dog was his responsibility. ...read more.


The loneliest person on the ranch has to be Crooks, who suffers from extreme loneliness because he is black and he is living in a ranch and a surrounding area, which is very racist. When Lennie enters, Crooks is angry because he is not welcomed in the bunkhouse and is not used to company, he is a proud man. Crooks desires a companion, a friendship like George and Lennie, he says, "A guy needs somebody to be near him." And "a guy goes nut's if he ain't got nobody. Don't make no difference who the guy is as long as he's with you I tell ya' a guy gets lonely and he gets sick." This shows that he desperately needs a friend to talk to and he is at the point where he is becoming emotionally sick of it. In conclusion every character on the ranch suffers from loneliness because they are not in contact with there friends and family but the characters mentioned suffered more because of the lack of communication on the ranch and ability to co-operate together as a group. Overall I think that "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck is an excellent novel. It has a very clever story line but is easy to understand. I also got a feeling of what it would be like to live in the 1930's and how lonely and desperate people get to have company. ...read more.

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