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mice of men chap 3

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1) At first George tells the other, him and Lennie are cousins, this shows he is a bit ashamed of Lennie, and tries to find an excuse for looking after him. Later on when George and Slim are talking, George admits the reason how he became involved in Lennie and tells Slim a story about when he told Lennie to jump into the Sacramento River. Steinbeck describes this phrase as " George's voice was taking on a tone of confession" Steinbeck was his readers to know that George regrets his actions and the fact that he has a "tone of confession" shows he isn't proud that he has control over Lennie, instead he feels bad that he used his superiority in a destructive way. 2) ...read more.


3) Carlson is persistent in wanting to shoot Candy's dog, on page 71 he says " 'he don't have fun' Carlson persisted 'and he stinks to beat hell'" This tells us that Carlson's is manipulating Candy by making out the dog is really suffering and pretending to be compassionate when really he only wants the Dog shot because it stinks. Also since he thinks that the dog is better of dead unlike Candy is he realistic rather than sentimental and thinks it's best for the dog that way. Then Slim agrees with George and says " that dog ain't no good to himself" Slim also offers to give Candy one of the puppies, this shows Slim is caring for both the old dog and Candy and unlike Carlson isn't wanting the dog to die because he stinks. ...read more.


5) When Curley and Lennie are fighting, Lennie at first lets Curley hit him even though Lennie's in pain; he does this for George's sake and doesn't want to get into anymore trouble. Whilst Curley is hitting Lennie, Lennie cries for George's help, he says "make um' stop George" this again reinforces Lennie's relations with George, we can see that he relies a lot on George when he needs help just like a child would. Curley decides to go along with the story that he got his hand caught in a machine, instead of saying what really happened. This is because Curley is ashamed of being the loser in the fight and doesn't want people to know what Lennie did to him because it will make people think he's weak. ...read more.

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