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Michelle and Philippe - creative writitng.

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Biography On a sunny day, in France Michelle decided to take a walk down to a local store where she does her shopping during the weekends. While she was waiting to pay for her things, the young man in front of her was having problems paying for his things, so Michelle decided to pay for him even though he protested but finally gave in so. On her way home, she thought it strange that she has never seen him before because in the small community she lives, she knows everyone by heart. That evening while she was taking a stroll she saw him again, then she said hello to him and from there they started talking together and he told her his name is Philippe and he comes from South of France and he is here on vacation. A day after that we met again for at Annette's caf´┐Ż which was close to the outskirt of the community area, and from there we became friends. We went beach to the for a picnic a week after, during that I told him things about me and he told me little bits about himself but was edgy to go into ...read more.


me to be his girlfriend and I told him I would think about it to keep him in suspense though I wanted to say yes right away. Few days after, I told him yes and life has never been the same with me and Philippe. It has been simply wonderful and I they Philippe has been honest to me all time about his family until three months after the bell rang on an evening when Philippe and I were watching a movie and went to answer it a found two elegantly dressed man and woman which I would say everything about them asked for Philippe and I knew from there that the people were Philippe parents because they he looks like then and I knew that he lied to me and knowing who his father is Franco Benchard the multi billionaire business man and his wife one of the well known social elite. When got into the house, I left alone with their son to have a word with and had to gather my thoughts. Mr. Franco had been the one who ruined my dear uncle's business and had made him lose his will to lives and he weakened ...read more.


Franco got out and came knocking at my door. At first I wanted to ignore him but thought against that idea, I invited him in and we got talking and I would say he is not at all what I expected and he made me understand what went wrong between him and my uncle and then I knew that he wasn't such a bad person as I thought. He then told me that Philippe is missing me and he is miserable without me. So I decided to pay Philippe a visit and saw his father was saying the truth and then Philippe and I worked through our difference and were together again. A year after then I am married to Philippe and I am heavily pregnant with our first child and can't wait for the baby to be born. Waiting now for Philippe to arrive because we are going out for the celebration of his parents anniversary, then I heard the door open and saw my love's face with a smile on it and knew I was lucky to be Philippe's wife and knew it was truly destined in heaven. Saira javad ...read more.

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