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Mid-night, a crazy, confused, cranky clever scientist is at work

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Dark falls it's night, a crazy, confused, cranky clever scientist is at work. Thunder is striking; thick grey clouds of smoke surround his bean-stalk tall castle giving an appearance of scariness. Bright red lights beaming through the windows giving an oppression of evilness. The castle it self is glowing of white. The Castle is isolated away from the town in the forest but yet he still manages to cause harm and discomfort for the people in Ocelot. The people of this town have made it forbidden to enter that area, no matter who you are! Monstrous noises can be herd from this horror Castle. Screaming, roaring, yelling all sorts of pandemonium. But like they say "Never judge a book by its cover." Never period! But in this case you should. People started to go missing ever since he started this new project of his 5 years ago. Yes, people would go missing, but they would be found 1 or 2 weeks later after there abduction without a body part or human organ. What ever he needed or wanted he'll get it. Rumour has it that he's making his own little monstrosity to bring hell to Ocelot. ...read more.


But seriously they have know idea what's in store for them. "SO PEOPLE, AT THE LAST MINUTE, AT THE LAST SECOND, OF HIS LAST BREATH I WANT YOU TO SHOW HIM HOW YOU....." I screech, but then all of the sudden as I was about to reach the end of my hype up speech. BANG! A humongous noise can be herd from the forest. The trees are shaken as the branches loose some of there leaves. Everyone feels a huge blast of wind that throws us to the floor. Then an enormous cloud of red smoke starts to infect the sky. There are lots of moans and groans, disbelief within the group. I Also Start to feel there is no hope or any chance. So the quick thinker I am I re-hype them. "COME ON TEAM THAT'S OUR SIGNAL; LET'S SHOW HIM OR IT NO MERCY!" Once again I hope for a response. Then the reaction I got. Huge chants of "NO MERCY""YEH NO MERCY""ARGHHHH" "Quick everyone to the horror Castle" I bark out loud, but feel anxiety. As we start to walk through the forest gates, the red clouds start to spread all over the sky. ...read more.


I dash across it I slip and jump for it; everything for me starts to go slow motion as I try to reach for the window. Russell goes into a flashback of him seeing the scientist at work, seeing that the scientist was working on a dead body. He remembers... "No it can't be" He falls, before the window but stretches out one hand hoping to get a grip. I quickly shoot out my right hand knowing that I could make it if I stretch long enough tense my arm, my hand, my fingers and thumb. Then unexpectedly I reach it but hit the wall hard enough to break one of my bones in my leg. He forces his left hand up and gets two hands on the window seal. Pulls himself up with all of his might, soul and fear in his eyes. "Yes made it!" I say it with pain. "Only thing left is to finally annihilate this creature in the making and its creator." Not knowing that I've got a 12ft tall enormous person standing over me and looking down. "READY TO DIE?" It exclaims in a evil, devilish voice. I stand there, I can feel I'm about to piss myself, I start to get tears in my eyes, I'm shaken in my bones almost feels like the room is shaking itself. ...read more.

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