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Midnight Encounter.

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Midnight Encounter Harvey had heard about the disappearances in the forest. Despite what his parents had said and the rumours he had heard, he was not going to let himself be scared by some over exaggerated stories. After all, he was fifteen years old and strong and definitely didn't think anything could possibly happen to him. It was one of those days in the middle of July when the summer seems as if it will never end. Harvey was wanted to make the most of his holiday and was going to stay at someone's house with a couple of friends and hoped to arrive before dark. His parents had insisted on him taking the long way round and bypassing the forest but he decided it would take to long. He felt it made no sense riding on the road instead of taking the direct route so he grabbed his backpack, hopped on his bike and started to make his way through the duty trails of the forest. ...read more.


The light was beginning to fade so he quickly rejoined the track and carried on with his journey. A while later he noticed that the trees seemed to close in every now and again and for the first time he admitted to himself that he was actually scared. He was wearing just a T-shirt and shorts so the chilly air nipped at his arms and legs. He began to shiver and stumble on the rocky ground in the ever-blackening forest. He suddenly became aware of every sound around him and occasionally he would spin round wildly to see if there was anyone behind him. He couldn't help but think about the disappearances in the forest and for a it was all he could think about. He eventually managed to find something else to occupy his brain buit the thought lingered at the back of his mind. ...read more.


He turned round and saw that his gigantic pursuer was gaining on him - his huge legs were covering vast amounts of ground. Harvey kept on running and through the trees he could see the lights from the road and from the houses. Eventually he bounded out of the forest on to the reassuring concrete of the well lit road. He continued to run down the pavement, along side the houses but he was exhausted and his were tired. He dared o take another look behind him. The street was empty. He looked all around but there was nobody to be seen apart from passing cars. He gradually stopped and breathed a sigh of relief. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and reached for his backpack. But he realized it was gone. But he didn't care. He was safe. He made his way down to his friend's house. He opened the gate and took a long look down the street then walked up to the front door thinking of the best way to tell his story. ...read more.

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