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Midnight. I thought about why I was here. I tried to think of three good reasons to push me through that door.

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Midnight It was late at night. It was a particularly dark night. I was nervous. You could even say frightened. The door was blue. It had, however, a serious gash to the right of the handle. It didn't look very secure. The paint was flaking off the door with age and the rotten wood emerged like decaying bones through paper-thin skin. I thought about why I was here. I tried to think of three good reasons to push me through that door. My mind went blank. I gazed around me and took in the vaguely familiar surroundings. I glanced at the oak tree, now withering in the winter air. All the dank, pulpy, brown leaves that were once crisp, green and fresh brought memories flooding back. ...read more.


She was under my bed, but the staff never searched there. They thought there was no way she could be under there Earlier that evening we had lifted up the mattress and the wooden board underneath. There was just enough room so that she could lie there comfortably. It was only supposed to be a joke, to wind the staff up. So when Erika and me chatted away loudly, the staff instantly charged in like an army of soldiers ready to take out the enemy. When I told them I was talking to myself, Erika shrieked with laughter. We watched my alarm clock as it turned midnight. Erika silently climbed out from underneath my bed. Time for more fun. We sprayed deodorant into the fire alarm. There were moans of complaint from the rooms next door as the piercing fire alarm woke up the other kids. ...read more.


Level 5. It was the worst thing that could happen to a child. All the freedom that Erika had enjoyed would now have been taken away. She would be followed to the toilet; all day long she would be stationed in her room with only the watchful eyes of her supervisor for company. Mr M. His name was Mr. Mathews. More commonly known as Mr. Mean. She would be incarcerated to her room with nothing to do other than watch the other kids and their freedom. Level 5. Only achievable by running away. Solitary confinement for seven days. She was now a prisoner of her own mistake. I looked at my front door. If I walked through that door I would be back to Balnacraig before tomorrow morning. No. I wasn't ready to give up my freedom just yet. I looked at my watch and as it turned midnight, I jumped over the gate and walked towards the train station. Briar Butler Midnight English Coursework ...read more.

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