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Midsummer Drive. Paul, slow down your driving like a lunatic! Jessica demanded, but Paul was not interested.

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Sarah Burke Midsummer's Drive It had been a long sizzling summer; the flowers were out in full bloom, wafting their sweet seductive smell. On the day June 14th the sun had hit an all time high, with suffocating humidity and not a whisper of a breeze. After a long day working, Jessica and Paul decided a drive the country would help them cool down and unwind from the day. Driving down the country lanes, Paul accelerated. The breeze hushed through the car giving a sudden relief from the scorching heat outside. He accelerated more and more, Jessica pleaded with him to slow down. She was starting to feel scared at the speed he was driving at. He did not take any notice. The car gathered speed the more he accelerated down the country lanes until suddenly, the car drove over something making the car swerve to one side. "Paul, slow down your driving like a lunatic!" Jessica demanded, but Paul was not interested. "Oh Jess its fine, I've got the car under control stop worrying" Paul said with a hint of sarcasm in he's voice. ...read more.


"What are we going to do? We're in middle of nowhere" She screamed. With that a news flash came on the Television in the hotel foyer. A fix set looking man read the statement with a stern voice: "A dangerous lunatic has escaped the local mental institute. He can be identified by the hook he has for a left hand. If you see this man do not approach him, phone the number on the bottom of the screen." Jessica became more hysterical and Paul realised he had to calm her down and quickly. " Please Jess, listen to me nothing is going to happen to you, we can stay here for the night and the mechanic will pick the car up in the morning and fix it, then we can go home" Paul said looking into Jessica's eyes trying to reassure her. "Is it possible we could get a room for the night please" Paul asked the receptionist who by now was more helpful and petrified herself" "Sure no problem" replied the receptionist The receptionist told Paul "The garage was open at 8am, and that she would leave a message for the mechanic to come over". ...read more.


The mechanic was waiting for Paul, "Hi" said Paul as he stretched out his hand to shake the mechanic's hand. "My car's about five miles down the road. We were driving when we went over something. I think it was a fox, but I'm not sure. It's parked by the side of the road" Paul told him. "Ok mate, I'll go pick it up with my truck, do you have the keys?" the mechanic asked. "Yeah sure, I'll be waiting in the diner having breakfast" Paul said as he passed the keys over. Paul went back to meet Jessica and they went for breakfast. They hadn't been there long when the mechanic came in looking very puzzled. "I've picked your car up" he said with a lingering tone. "But there's nothing wrong with it, I've had a look under the bonnet and I found this" he said handing something silver to Paul. Paul looked at the item. It was a hook. Paul and Jessica looked at each other, then at the mechanic and then at the hook again. "That's the hook off the lunatic on the Television last night" screamed Jessica. "No, don't be silly! it can't be" Paul said. Was it the hook! No one could be sure! ...read more.

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