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Minority Report Essay

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Media Coursework Essay By Salman Ramjaun 10GE... Analyse and comment on the representation of people and places in Spielberg's ""Minority Report"". "Minority Report", a film directed by Stephen Spielberg in 2002, is a conventional science-fiction film in many ways. It follows the typical conventions of a science fiction film and the recognisable elements used in the film are the use of advanced technology in the "Pre-crime" police department. The genre of science-fiction originated from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in the 1800's. However, since then science fiction has developed through literature and film. It has now become more favoured with the public. The genre's typical conventions include: futuristic settings; advanced technology; a battle against evil; and chiaroscuro lighting is used in a great deal in film. Chiaroscuro lighting is single source lighting and this is used many times in the "Minority Report"; especially when the "precogs" are in the pool of water. This makes the precogs seem emotionless and pure. Like any other film, "Minority Report" communicates with its audience and Spielberg has done this in a variety of ways. Firstly, the visual side of the film is shocking because it is a major part of the film. The audience first see the "Pre-Crime Unit" and they then get a sense of the future. ...read more.


However, she fulfils the role of the "helper" as defined by Propp. Propp defined a helper as someone who helps the hero; this fits with Agatha's role in the film. Agatha is a strong, supernatural and intelligent individual as she has the power to see the future and this is what leads to the start of the Pre-Crime business. Visually, when the audience first see Agatha, she is with the other pre-cogs in the pool of water and the use of chiaroscuro lighting makes her seem emotionless but as the film goes on; the audience find out that Agatha has emotions and gets hurt by the Pre-Crime Unit. In terms of aural signifiers, the audience is given a number of denotations that suggest her character is timid and insubstantial. However in terms of oral signifiers, the audience get a sense of discomfort with Agatha because the tone of her voice is as if she is shocked and astounded. During the scene in the shopping mall, Agatha is "carried" by Anderton; this suggests that Anderton is a victim and Agatha is weak. This gives the audience a sense that she is his saviour and he respects her and by carrying Agatha, Anderton is showing his respect and dignity for Agatha whilst she helps him to avoid murder. ...read more.


The shot used in this scene is an establishing shot and this shot is a used to present the scene itself. The shot shows the playground and the houses and the lighting used is notan lighting and this is daylight. The notan lighting makes the mood of the scene happy and calming. The last setting I am going to mention is the "underworld" where Anderton had his eye transplant and where Anderton takes the drugs from the drug-dealer. The scene whereby Anderton's eye transplant takes place is a: dark; scary; frightening; and intimidating place as it shows the "other side" to the future's present day. Spielberg uses a high-angled shot in the scene where the spiders are trying to catch Anderton; the high-angled shot is used to make the scene seem as it is a game and the spiders are trying to catch Anderton. The room where Anderton sleeps in is messy and ghastly. "Minority Report" is a conventional science-fiction film because it follows the typical conventions of a science fiction film and the recognisable elements used in the film are the use of advanced technology in the "Pre-crime" police department. There is a mixture of stereotypical characters such as: Anderton, the hero; Witwer, the false hero; Agatha, the helper; and Lamar Burgess, the villain. Setting is used a lot in the film especially the "underworld" where Anderton has his eye transplant; this has created a dystopian society within the film. By Salman Ramjaun 10GE... ...read more.

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