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miracle on st davids day

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Appearance and Reality: Compare Miracle on 'St David's Day' with one other poem. Miracle on St David's Day is an optimistic poem relating to the theme of identity. The poem tells the story of a man in a mental institution, who exceeds the expectation of both the nurses and his fellow patients, when he regains the ability to talk. It is based upon the theme of appearance and reality . The poem opens with a quote from Wordsworth's poem. The Daffodils which says that we not only see the beauty of nature but also absorb it through our inward eye. In the first stanza Gillain Clarke describes the idyllic setting: "an after noon yellow and open mouthed." Like the shape of a daffodil and the sun is also personified "treads amongst the trees". She says "It might be a country house," this immediately shows the readers the pleasent appearance of the situtation. However with opening of the second stanza - "I am reading poetry to the insane." ...read more.


Creates an anticipatory feel. She then likes his voice to Slow movement of spring water or the first bird of the year. ( both referring to spring and new life ) this ties in with the poem " Daffodils" that breaks his darkness. Just like Daffodils break the darkness of spring the poem has broken the darkness of his life. She guesses that it must be atleast 40 years since he was at school where he would have learnt the poem by rote.The stanza is much more relaxed than the previous one which was about surprise and tension. The poet is more analytical now and talks about his dumbness of misery ,..meaning it could have been his misery that made him go dumb. In the last verse she involves the surrounding as "applauding and " daffodils are aflame" and "thrish is singing". The Reference back to the daffodils draws a full circle. St David is the patron saint of Wales and people pray to him for miracles. ...read more.


She hints that it is the pressure of conforming to the rest of society which moulds a person. "We wear many smile like dresses" similarly people wear certain clothes , drive certain cars to portray an image of them selves which is not true of them This conformity to society is emphasised in the fourth stanza : "conforming smiles". Okara tries to show the reader that often we just do what is expected of us, without questioning it. She puts across the view that by doing this we are somehow lessening the value of our own word, we say "Goodbye, when we mean "Goodridence" Both poems compare appearance and reality in different settings, but they are both about society and human behaviour. Miracle on St David's Day shows how society has alenated this group of mentaly ill persons, whilst in many ways they are well capable of appreacting poetry and nature as much any other person. Once upon a time builds on the idea of conforming to societies view of 'normal' and the innocence of childhood. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ravi Lakhani ...read more.

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