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Miranda's diary

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Miranda's diary I couldnt believe it when that huge storm appeared from no where last night. I seen a ship get torn apart during the storm. I believed it was Father who caused this atrocity by casting a spell upon the ship, using his magic powers; he cast a storm over the ship consisting of thunder and lightning and strong winds which rocked the ship, creating havoc and impossible working conditions. When I questioned him he was quick to admit that he had done it but not because he wanted to harm anyone but as I believe he is planning to use it for his own pleasure. As I questioned why, he changed the subject and told me of how we came to the island. My father has tried many times to tell me the truth, but couldn't as he felt it was the wrong time and didn't have the courage, but suddenly out of no where he started to tell me, and I felt as if asking why he caused the storm was a quirky subject. ...read more.


Father believes that even grandmother a good person can have a bad child like Antonio and father still takes responsibility for his brother's false hood as he trusted him too much and should have taken more care of his kingdom. Antonio made the decision of exiling us from what was now his state, he decided to send us to sea on a leaky boat instead of killing us straight off, this thankfully backfired and instead of making us slowly suffer at sea we managed to survive, ever since we have lived on this deserted island. Many dark and lonely days me and father spent on the ship would have killed us if it wasn't for the noble kindness of Sir Gonzalo. If it wasn't for this man, who gave us food and drink before we were banished we would have been among the deep depths of the ocean like Antonio planned. I long to see this kind man and thank him for saving our lives. ...read more.


to speak and took days on end to teach him one thing after another, and still he is not pleased blaming more for teaching him to curse. From the depths of the bushes appeared a man who seemed to have been looking for something. This is the first man I can remember seeing and the first on this island, his name is Ferdinand one of the shipwrecked sailors, he was the king of Naples and his ship and sailors were caught up in fathers storm. Father has not got on with him as he wants to know were everybody else is and he should not treat this king with such disrespect. Ferdinand a kind but unfearful man drew his sword to fight but my affection for the two men made me interrupt and try to make them get along and explaining that father is unwary as no one else has been on the island for so long he is weary, finally the two men stop arguing as we walk away. Martin Davies 11m English C/W ...read more.

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