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Miss Silone was currently working independently as an archaeologist. She had been called to Egypt to work with a number of top archaeologists on a new project. There had been a new discovery inside one of the pyramids

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"Good morning Miss Silone, how are you today?" "Not bad thank you captain." "The flight will take off at 9:45am, its a simple journey and the weather conditions are good. We should arrive at 11:05am." Miss Silone was a tall lady; she had beautiful brown wavy hair, which provided an elegant frame to her pretty but simple face. She had long carefully poised legs and was wearing tan shorts, which complemented the curve of her thighs and buttocks. Her lightly tanned cork brown skin was covered by an almost transparent white blouse, showing her tempting lingerie. Her eyes gleamed in the lights of the airport in a kaleidoscope of greens, blues and pale browns. Miss Silone was currently working independently as an archaeologist. She had been called to Egypt to work with a number of top archaeologists on a new project. There had been a new discovery inside one of the pyramids. An explorer form Germany had found a tomb full of artefacts which may be linked to the mystery of the Pharaoh Karma Moons. "When you arrive in Egypt I have arranged for you to be met by Mr Blichs, the explorer who found the artefacts. ...read more.


There was the occasional older looking building most of which had very peculiar architecture. They lacked the symmetrical white walls and straight lines of the modern buildings, instead they displayed yellowed, crumbling, curvy walls. On the opposite side of the road lay a rank of caf�s and wine bars. All very modern and inviting in appearance. After a few minutes walking up the road Hans stopped and guided Miss Silone into a petite elegant caf�. They where seated and presented menus, they sat sipping white wine deciding which delights to choose form. The caf� was neatly decorated in a typical French Riviera style. All the waiters and waitresses where of French origin and all wore very smart attire. Miss Silone and Hans seemed lost in a world of their own surrounded by the busy talk of business personnel and loving couples. Their little world was filled with strong feelings for each other. They both gazed into the empty space of each others eyes. "Bonjour Madame and can I take your order?" "Oh, uh. Yes certainly I will have the oyster salad, can I also have a top up of wine?" "Oui Madame, medium white?" ...read more.


"Ronald what are you doing here?" "I have come to see you" "Why Ronald you don't need to see me any more, we are no longer married, remember?" "Yes, but you know I can change, we can change, I need you Roma" "Oh Ronald how many times have I told you I don't want you anymore. Now please leave." "I am not going to leave unless you come with me!" "Sorry to interrupt I can see I am not needed here so I will meet you at the site Roma" "Roma, since when have you let other men call you Roma?" "Go to hell Ronald. Wait Hans I will come to" Hans and Roma left swiftly. Ronald was left weeping. Hans and Roma climbed into the jeep and headed towards the archeologically site. "Sorry I am intruding, but what was all that about?" "Well to cut a long story short, me and Ronald were once married. I know I can't believe it either" "So what happened?" "He had an affair with a tall slim blond" "Ouch" "Yes I finished him instantly, he is still my agent because we know how each other work and agents are so hard to find" "Yeah that's true" 2,100 words ?? ?? ?? ?? ME/JM/ENG/05.11.04/MILLS AND BOONS - ROMANCE ALL DUG UP Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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