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Miss USA

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Miss USA The text Miss USA is a short autobiographical article about the former beauty queen Emma Knight. Who is Emma Knight? While reading the text I got the impression that Emma Knight is a woman with her feet firmly planted on the ground. She is not exactly the beauty queen type of girl. Maybe in the way she looks but not in the way she is. Through her life she has never felt very beautiful. In her adolescence she felt awkward and ugly and she was taller than everybody else witch didn't made her feel any better. So she wasn't very pleased with herself as you might think a girl who was going to be a beauty queen, a star, an ideal of female beauty ought to be. She tells us that when she was younger she didn't like competitions and it was also just a coincidence that entered one. Emma Knight did also go to University for three and a half years witch tells us that she isn't stupid at all either. ...read more.


They do not expect her to read her own contract, the breakfast she gets in bed which should be very glamorous is not for her but only for the cameras and even though she doesn't like curly hair they make it cause she is not expected to have an opinion. This isn't a way to treat a human being but sadly I think this kind of treatment is still used in the modeling business. Emma Knight a feminist? Already when she was young Emma Knight had her own opinions. Like in this quotation from the beginning of the text: "I didn't like being told by Seventeen magazine: Subvert your own interests if you have a crush on a guy, get interested in what he is interested in. If you play cards, be sure not to beat him." She didn't like that the women should disregard their own interests. They needed to have their own interests, to have their own opinions. She didn't like either that women should let men beat them when they play cards because women shouldn't submit men. ...read more.


This is like when the girls in this text dream about the good life that for them is to become famous and to be approved. Albertina Di Grazia and her family do also want to be approved this is just in another way. In their old town Montazzoli they lived under the old feudal system. They were all working for the baron who owned all of the land so they had a dream about moving up in the system or to get out of the system. The girls who want to be Miss USA do also want to move up in their system. The girls believe that it's so lovely, funny and glamorous to be famous, and Albertina Di Grazia and her family believe that it's so lovely, funny and easy in America. The difference in these to dreams is that Albertina Di Grazia gets her dream to come true and she actually ends up very happy for the rest of her life, but it is only a few of the girls who actually become Miss USA and those who do, do not end up happy for the rest of their lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? 7. maj 2008 ENGLISH ESSAY - ...read more.

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