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Mission Impossible two and three

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Compare and contrast the way the directors Introduce the character of Ethan Hunt in 'Mission Impossible two' and 'Mission Impossible three.' Mission impossible two and three have very different introductions. Mission Impossible Two was directed by John Woo in 1999 and shows Ethan Hunt, the main character, climbing up The Grand Canyon alone. The whole atmosphere of Mission Impossible is happy, jolly and adventurous. However Mission Impossible three was directed by J.J Abrams in 2006, and has a really different perspective of Ethan as he is portrayed as a weak character as he is being held hostage in an underground room so this shows him in a completely different light to Mission Impossible Three. Mission Impossible Two begins with Ethan Hunt climbing up a cliff in the Grand Canyon. In this scene he is portrayed as brave and strong. As he climbs up the cliff, you see that he is climbing with no ropes or safety equipment which implies that Ethan is daring and confident. ...read more.


In contrast Mission Impossible three doesn't have any background music as there is a lot of dialogue. However there are a few sounds in the background pf the scene. There is a periodic distant rumbling which creates the illusion of some sort of train or car passing overhead. This shows that this room that Ethan is being kept in an underground basement far from where they can be heard or where anyone could easily come and rescue him. The villain in Mission Impossible three fires a warning shot into the woman's leg when Ethan refuses to compromise. At this point all the speech and sound is slurred as though form Ethan's point of view indicating that he is scared and worried. There is also a tension building piece of music that really draws you into the action of the film when it is played. The camera angles of both scenes also show a lot about the plot and the personality of Ethan Hunt. For example, firstly in Mission Impossible two you see an extreme wide shot of Ethan and all his surroundings. ...read more.


Mission Impossible two was directed by John Woo and is an effective introduction because you warm up to the character Ethan Hunt with the was he is shown. How he is shown as a happy and adventurous character just makes the audience like him straight away and makes you want to follow him on his mission. On the other hand Mission Impossible threes' introduction was made by a different director called J.J Abrams who jumps straight into the plot of what the film is all about. Also Abrams plays the sympathy vote to make you want to carry on watching the film to check that Ethan Hunt is ok and that he makes it out. These two directors have portrayed two very different sides of Ethan, in Mission Impossible two he is a young, brave, strong hero figure and in Mission Impossible three he is a weak character who is put in a position of danger. Both introductions have very different approaches but are equally effective. My favourite introduction is probably the start of Mission Impossible three as I prefer Ethan the way he is portrayed in Mission Impossible two than Mission Impossible three. ...read more.

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