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Mixed up relations.

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Mixed up relations A tear roled down my mothers face as she looked to the ground trying to cover her eyes.We had been talking alot lately,about the past,alot of things.One main thing though,you see,im not my mothers only chlid,she was also pregnant two years before she was pregnant with me.At that particular time in my mothers life things were a bit rough,her mother had just died so she turned to men for attention.She couldn't look after a baby,so she put her little baby boy up for adoption.Regretted it ever since she has,and I..have an older brother out there,sumwhere.Thats why its a main topic for us to talk about i suppose,we would both love to meet him,no doubt about that.The thought of being re-united,having an older brother is wonderful,but as I am 26 now I have put it behind me more than I had done in the past,but it still don't go away. ...read more.


more stunning.After we had talked a little and I had reassured warrens mind about my mother,he got his car keys and we left hand in hand.It wasn't till about 20 minutes later that we arrived at my mothers house.Parked the car just down the road,and approached the front door. My mother answered the door straight away with a smile on her face,wearing her favourite pink dress.Not for long though,the smile turned into a shocked puzzled look,like she had seen a ghost.We went in though,sat on the leather sofa and I introduced them. ''Mum this is my fiance Warren as you can guess'' I smiled again. "Warren this is my mother''.Warren had gone a little bit red at this point and just replied,'very nice to meet you' and 'how are you today' ect.Without even answering my mother got up and stormed out into the kitchen,I felt so embarressed. ...read more.


to see him,well that was my intention.I got to the house but couldn't bring myself to knock on the door, instead I just watched,waited untill he came out of the house.It had to of been him because he was the only person that lived in the house,only him". She turned away from me,she seemed frozen,untill of course,she told me. I didn't believe it at first,but she was certain.I could tell from her face,when I looked into her eyes,it was real.My whole life had been ruined in the space of 10 minutes.What would I do?How would I tell Warren?i couldn't tell him,i just couldn't,but i had to. I returned to the front room with my mother by my side.It was now my face that had tears rolling down it. "Whats the matter love'' Warren asked me. I looked down at the floor,finding it hard to look at him. "o warren,your my blood brother" ...read more.

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