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Modern Inverted Fairytale.

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Modern Inverted Fairytale Once upon a time in a land a nine hour plane ride away there lived a lowly creature known as Worm by most and his human name Tom only by one. Only one has ever helped him, believed him or trusted in him. Unfortunately she's just moved across town and worm is in trouble.... It was a miserable November afternoon in New York. The skyline was cloudy and fogy dotted with tall towers that even in a magical place like New York looked depressing. The day was slowly dieing, the sky changing from grey to a dark crimson. The sun slowly began to fade down past even the smaller buildings of the skyline. Deep down in the rougher areas, where no one unarmed or sane walks at night, through a door of a basement, past a guard, some stairs and through another door was a sleazy poker hall, and at one table two men. Worm was small, pale with dark brown hair and small green eyes. He wore a used leather jacket slightly small for him, even for his meagre boyish 5ft 9 body. He sat looking uncomfortable, constantly fidgeting and looking around, flickering his eyes nervously from one person in the room to the next. The other, Fat Tony, looked comfortable. He was taller and stunk of cigars, steak and cologne mixed together. He wore a freshly pressed dark suit with a red shirt and tie. He had slickly gelled jet black hair and a rugged face. His large dark brown eyes were real presence, they moved around Worm's body slowly surveying his face. Looking directly into his eyes made you cringe as they pierced your mind, body and soul. They were like x-rays, you felt he knew what you were thinking from one cold hard stare. His whole body moved cat like, smoothly but with power and presence. ...read more.


Jane sat awkwardly; Worm leant back across an old sofa sipping hot coffee gazing at Jane who gazed into the crackling fire. She began thinking to herself about every time she had helped Worm and every time he had thanked her, knowing he only did to make her feel good. Maybe that's why she loved Worm, she thought, the only person who had ever loved her truly was Worm. Unfortunately Worm had a funny way of showing it and he never really told her how he felt and so she could only guess. "What are you gonna do now?" she finally blurted out after what seemed like a lifetime of thought. "That's what I thought you could help me with. I'm gonna go to Atlanta and...." "Atlanta?!" she shrieked. "Yeah I figure I could start fresh and...." "Wait," she paused looking angry "how much do you owe?" "Well kinda seven..." he began. "Seven hundred dollars! That's a lot of cash to..." "Will you let me finish what I'm saying for once in your life!" he snapped, the sudden power of his voice startling Jane and making her see the stress he was under. "I owe Fat Tony seven thousand dollars," Jane just stared at Worm, her face going a pale creamy colour "I've got to get out of here, I need about six hundred bucks to get to Atlanta and set up." he sighed with the relief as if the hardest part of his journey was over. "What do you mean?" she questioned, looking angry. "There's a couple of new casinos opened up there, virgin territory for gamb..." "No, were gonna see Tony," Jane ordered. "But..." "No buts," "If...." "No ifs," she paused" were gonna see Tony and I'm gonna get him to leave you alone." She dragged worm with her to her old fiesta. She turned the keys that started the old diesel motor chugging along rapidly. ...read more.


They paused, they were tough and covered in blood, and breathing heavily they looked at each other and then Jane. She had already hit each many a time. Then simultaneously they hobbled out the door. Jane kicked through the door of Fat Tony's office. He was sitting at his desk very still looking very calm. "So this is the little girl making all the noise," he smirked speaking like a tiger. "Who sent you, I'd guess the Japanese from the Kung Fu but you aren't Japanese or even Asian by the looks of it. So tell me are you being paid well?" he spoke softly, she thought briefly that this was no gangster he seems to calm. Then she saw him as a cat gently purring to slow a mouse so it could strike with ease. "You're a monster!" Jane spat at him. "My dear I don't think you quite understand. Bad guys like me always win. New York is no fairytale land. It's an inverted modern fairytale and I'm the hero and you're the villain." Jane grew angry. "The world belongs to people like me. You think your fighting for good I assume, but in reality every man you just injured or killed is simply providing for himself and family." He spoke slowly no moving his eyes a millimetre away from Jane's eyes. "I enjoy people like you, I especially like them realising that the battle between good and evil was lost at the beginning of time and there has never been a valid challenge to satins throne since. But the thing enjoy most is watching people like you die." Jane drew her sword. But Tony was too fast, he took a gun from nowhere and shot her straight through the heart. She dropped to the floor, 14 years of physical training ended in an instant. Tony leant over her. "You see my dear shmucks like are the real suckers in this world," he smiled as Jane fought for breath. Then he leant even closer and whispered: "And they all lived happily ever after, except of course you." The End ...read more.

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